Is Trafalgar Square a good place to stay?

Re: Is the Trafalgar Square area a good place to stay in London? Yes you are right it is an excellent central location within easy walking distance of countless tourist attractions, shops, supermarkets , pubs, cafes and restaurants and more. And central London is noted for being safe.

Is Trafalgar Square worth visiting?

Home to one of the greatest collections of paintings in the world, the National Gallery dominates Trafalgar Square and undoubtedly adds to its historical beauty. It’s free to visit too! From Van Gogh’s famous ‘Sunflowers’ painting to ‘The Entombment’ by Michelangelo, this treasure trove of artwork is a must-visit.

What is the most outstanding thing in Trafalgar Square?

10 Things to see at Trafalgar Square

  1. Nelson’s Column. It’s hard to miss Nelson’s Column.
  2. The Landseer Lions. London has a lot of lion statues – around 10,000 according to some estimates.
  3. The Fountains.
  4. The Fourth Plinth.
  5. Britain’s tiniest police box.
  6. The National Gallery.
  7. Canada House.
  8. South Africa House.

What important tourist site can you visit in Trafalgar Square?

Must-see attractions near Trafalgar Square

  • Trafalgar Square.
  • Somerset House.
  • National Portrait Gallery.
  • Horse Guards Parade.
  • St James’s Park.
  • The National Gallery.
  • Big Ben & The Palace of Westminster.
  • London Eye.

Why do people go to Trafalgar Square?

Trafalgar Square is an enduring symbol of Britain and the center of tourist London. It’s been a key landmark in the history of the country’s social movements, a place of celebration and life, and one of those spots that just tends to draw people. Every year, it boasts a lovely Christmas tree, a gift from Norway.

Why are there lions at Trafalgar Square?

Legend has it that the lions will come to life if Big Ben chimes 13 times. Although cast in bronze, the original plans had called for stone or granite. Today it would be almost impossible to imagine anything but these magnificent 20 feet long bronze statues at the base of Nelson’s Column.

Why do tourists visit Trafalgar Square?

Can we go to Trafalgar Square?

Trafalgar Square is open 24/7, so visitors can walk throughout the square anytime of the day or night. On the rare occasion Trafalgar Square may close to the public during film or photography shoots.

What to do in Trafalgar Square in London?

“The Grand at Trafalgar Square is very central to everything, close to the underground railways, London Eye, museums , war memorials, great buildings , art galleries, great shops and wonderful restaurants.”

Is there free WiFi in Trafalgar Square?

After exploring the city, rest assured you can settle in for the night in our comfortable yet stylish rooms, with high-tech entertainment and some of the fastest free Wi-Fi London has to offer. Need help planning the rest of your itinerary?

Which is the best hotel in central London?

Hotel Café Royal is an iconic luxury 5-star hotel in the heart of central London. Originally opened in 1889, the world-famous Savoy Hotel is situated on the banks of the Thames and less than 5 minutes’ walk from The British Museum and The Royal Opera House.