Is there hitting in Ringette?

There is no intentional body contact. Ringette promotes a no-contact policy when it comes to the physical aspect of its game. Penalties are given when a player, makes excessive body contact with another player, checks a player too high on the stick, trips, hits or interferes another player.

Is ringette just for girls?

Ringette is a Canadian invention that has become one of the fastest team sports on ice. While it is primarily a female sport, there are currently over 700 males playing ringette across the country. Ringette, like hockey, is played on ice with skates and sticks with six players per team on the ice at once.

What are the rules of ringette?

Teams are usually made up of 11 to 17 players; with six skaters on the ice at the same time (a goalie, two defense, a centre and two forwards). The ring is passed at every blue line. A player cannot carry the ring over a blue line in either direction. The ring must be passed over the blue line to another teammate.

Is Ringette harder than hockey?

Ringette is an amazing experience, and when everyone says, “Hockey is the hardest and fastest game on ice,” it isn’t true. Ringette actually is the fastest game on ice, and has the hardest rules. Ringette is a fast paced, exciting game.

How are checking drills run at Ringette school?

Drill is run out of 2-4 corners of the ice. 2-5 players line up facing the boards. The coach tosses a ring in over top of the players’ heads so it lands in front of them. The players fight for the ring and the player that comes out with it must skate it through the pylons (she then goes in for a breakaway shot).

How to be a fierce checking machine in ringette?

If you’re smart about gap control when forechecking, you’ll become a fierce checking machine. To steal the ring 1 vs. 1, you’ll want to carefully control the gap – how much space there is between you and the ring carrier – when she is trying to carry the ring past you.

Where do the Defenders line up on the Ringette line?

Defenders line up next to the goal crease behind the goal line (one defender starts in the slot). The drills starts when F1 begins to skate across the ringette line with a ring. F2 times it so she receives the pass from F1 just as she crosses the ringette line.

What does the L stand for in ringette?

The ‘L’ is the simplest way of generating speed in the offensive end by moving the ring.For it to work, the ring carrier always needs 2 teammates as passing options.To practice this, do an ‘L support’ passing drill… whoever is on the diagonal from the ring carrier has to move so she is in a better support position.Players work in groups of 3.