Is there a train from Rome to Lido di Ostia?

The Roma–Lido railway is an urban railway line connecting the Porta San Paolo Station in Rome to Lido di Ostia, Rome’s seaside neighborhood.

Where does the train stop in Rome Italy?

Outside the Greater Rome Area, it stops in the neighbourhoods of Tor di Valle, Vitinia, Casal Bernocchi, Centro Giano, Acilia and Ostia Antica. Then, it proceeds to Ostia itself, where it stops at five stations. It terminates at Cristoforo Colombo.

How long does it take to get to Lido from Rome?

The service begins daily at 5:08 and ends at 23:30, providing up to eight trains per hour during peak time. During the summer trains run more frequently due to increased usage of the line, mostly by tourists visiting the beach. The average travel time of the whole line is 37 minutes.

Are there any urban railway lines in Rome?

Rome Urban Railway. The urban trains in Rome, called Ferrovie Urbane, complement the three metro lines and are run by the same company. The tickets are the same and the prices too. The Ferrovie Urbane is made up of following three lines: Rome – Lido.

How much does it cost to ride the Metro in Rome?

The tickets come in several basic versions: BIT is the standard ticket for one Metro ride (with train changes, if necessary), one commuter-train ride, or 100 minutes on public buses. It costs €1,50. Roma 24H is a 1-day ticket. It’s valid for 24 hours of unlimited travel on the Metrebus network. The price is €7.

Where can I find the bus route in Rome?

Rome’s bus routes are possibly the most complex of Europe. The most important information is found on each bus stop. This includes the bus’s route, the first and last bus and its timetable.

Which is the best Lido in Ostia Italy?

Lido di Ostia. Located in Lido di Ostia in the Lazio region, Casa Vacanza Zia Gesina features a terrace. The property has city views and is 15 miles from Rome.

Where to find gay flags in Ostia Italy?

Oasi Naturista Capocotta 7. Chiesa Santa Maria Regina Pacis 8. Porto Turistico di Roma 9. Centro Olimpico Matteo Pellicone 10. Shilling Club 11. Stabilimento Balneare Plinius 12. Settimo Cielo Locating the beach is easy, there are lots of gay flags out at the street.

What to do in the town of Ostia?

Located on the Tyrrhenian Sea, the town features, in addition to its packed shoreline, the ancient Roman archaeological site of Ostia Antica. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. A mix of the charming, modern, and tried and true.