Is the Motorola APX 4000 Intrinsically Safe?

The NNTN8129 is a high-capacity 2300 mAh Li-Ion submersible battery that is intrinsically safe.

What is Motorola APX?

Motorola APX 8000XE ALL-BAND. An extreme radio that combines unlimited mobility, loud audio and secure WiFi connectivity. more… Motorola APX 7000 Multi-Band. Multi-band radio with backward/forward compatibility (Analog/Digital, FDMA/TDMA) and GPS.

What is the name of the APX next virtual assistant?

The company also announced ViQi™, a public safety virtual assistant that provides vital information to first responders in the field and allows users to operate APX NEXT via voice control.

What is the P25 radio system?

Developed by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO), Project 25 (P25) is a suite of standards for North American digital radio communications for federal, state and local public safety organizations, first responders and utilities, allowing for interoperable multi-agency …

What does P25 stand for?

Project 25
Project 25 (P25) is a standards development process for the design, manufacture, and evaluation of interoperable digital two-way land mobile radio systems communications products created by and for public safety professionals.

Why are P25 scanners so expensive?

They have to pay DVSI for the P25 vo-coder license. The cost is passed along directly to the consumer. The rest of the scanner is inexpensive to produce overall.

Is P25 encrypted?

One of the key benefits of P25 Digital Radio over analog radio is the ability to securely encrypt calls without impacting the coverage area. Enabling P25 encryption is easy. DES uses a 56-bit encryption key and AES uses a 256-bit encryption key.

Is DMR a ham radio?

Amateur Radio Use DMR has seen some use on the Amateur Radio VHF and UHF bands, started by DMR-MARC (Motorola Amateur Radio Club) around 2010.

What do you need to know about the Motorola APX 4000?

The APX 4000 delivers all the benefits of P25 Phase 2 technology in a compact and powerful portable radio. Easy to use, tough as nails, at a value that’s hard to beat, it connects first responders with each other, and with public works, utilities and rural public safety users for fast, seamless communications.

What is the APX 4000 two way radio model?

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What kind of encryption does APX 4000 use?

Optional FIPS 140-2 Level 3 AES certified hardware encryption provides tamper-proof security to ensure secure communications. Offers a freeform or canned messaging solution so you can efficiently and discreetly send and receive messages. Optional feature and requires ASTRO 25 Integrated Voice and Data.

Is the APX 4000 P25 compatible with TDMA?

That’s where the APX™ 4000 P25 portable radio answers the call, expertly and affordably. The APX 4000 delivers all the benefits of TDMA technology in the smallest P25 capable portable in the industry.