Is the Alameda tube closed?

ALAMEDA COUNTY — Caltrans has scheduled a full overnight closure of the State Route 61 Posey Tube March 22-23, followed by a full overnight closure of the Webster Tube March 23-24, 2021. The tubes connect the cities of Alameda and Oakland.

How deep is the Posey Tube?

Each of the reinforced concrete tubes are located under the Alameda Estuary at a maximum depth of 70-ft below water. The Posey Tube, constructed in 1928, consists of both cast-in-place and immersed tunnel sections.

What is the Posey Tube?

The Posey and Webster Street Tubes are two parallel underwater tunnels connecting the cities of Oakland and Alameda, California, running beneath the Oakland Estuary. Both are immersed tubes, constructed by sinking precast concrete segments to a trench in the Estuary floor, then sealing them together to create a tunnel.

Can you walk through the Posey Tube?

It is possible to walk or bike through the Posey Tube via a narrow strip hugging the east side of the tube. Since there is only one path for both directions crossing requires being vigilant about watching for oncoming bike traffic.

When was Posey Tube built?

The solution was the Posey Tube, opened in 1928. This tunnel under the Estuary was built of precast concrete sections which were floated to the site, sunk, and assembled at a sufficient depth to allow deep-draft ships to pass overhead. An adjacent tunnel, the Webster Street Tube, opened in 1963.

Can you walk through the Alameda tunnel?

Walking, biking, and public transit It only runs on weekdays though. There are also AC Transit buses that go through the tunnel and across the bridges. If you DO want to walk or bike through the tube, there is one very narrow path on the east side of the Posey Tube.

Is Alameda bike friendly?

Totally flat with virtually all of it on protected bike lanes or shared walking paths, Alameda shoreline trails are worthy for a family trip from anywhere in the Bay Area.

How many bridges does Alameda have?

The Alameda County Public Works Agency operates and maintains six drawbridges over the Oakland-Alameda Estuary. Four of the bridges are for vehicle traffic, one bridge is for trains, and one bridge is exclusively for bicycles and pedestrians.

Is Alameda Island a good place to live?

Alameda has long earned its reputation as one of California’s best places to live. It ranks #19 of 525 as a best suburb in CA for young professionals, #39 of 562 for most diverse suburbs in the state, and #73 of 526 for best suburbs in the state. Those are just a few of the area’s qualities, though.

Is Alameda expensive to live in?

Alameda is slighty more expensive than nearby Oakland (who also receives a D+ in this category), with the average home’s value totaling $729,100. That’s why 53% of residents choose to rent. The average cost monthly is $1,607. Compared to San Francisco and Berkeley, however, Alameda remains less costly.

Is Alameda safer than Oakland?

Compared to Oakland and most of San Francisco, Alameda is a safe haven, but is far from being a safe little town. According to, Alameda has a crime index of 24 out of 100, 100 being the safest. In comparison, Oakland has a crime index of 1, San Francisco a 2, and Danville a 57.