Is termite pretreatment necessary?

A proper termite pretreatment is necessary to provide maximum protection against termite invasion.

Do I need termite Protection in South Carolina?

In states like South Carolina where termites are very active and widespread, it is essential to maintain an effective termite prevention and control program. If you own a home in South Carolina, talk to your termite control expert about methods to help protect your home from termite infestations and damage.

How often is termite treatment needed?

roughly every five years
Frequently Asked Questions For liquid termite treatments, you should re-treat roughly every five years, and for termite bait stations, you should monitor every few months.

How long does termite pretreatment last?

If conducted properly, the pre construction treatment will last around 2 to 5 years. This is already an effective treatment, but you still have to conduct regular inspections to ensure that no termites have gone passed the barriers.

How bad are termites in South Carolina?

Due to its size and aggressive foraging behaviour a colony of Formosan termites does more damage than single colonies of other U.S. subterranean species, and can cause significant structural damage to a home within 6 months.

Is a termite bond a waste of money?

As Totaro, the New York City agent, says, “On the buy side, it’s advisable to have a termite inspection performed before you sign a purchase contract. On the sell side, a termite bond is a selling enhancement. It’s like insurance; it’s only a waste of money if you never file a claim.

How much does pre construction termite treatment cost?

Also, regardless of the material or chemical used, bigger homes will surely have a higher pre construction treatment cost. As for the builder, they may raise the foundation type and layout as an issue when it comes to pre construction treatment against termites. Overall, this treatment can be as low as $300 or more than $3,000.

Who is responsible for termite treatment during construction?

The architect, building contractor, and engineers play a vital role when it comes to pre construction treatments against termites. During the design phase, you can bring up the treatment so the builder can contract a licensed exterminator. Most experienced builders will have a partner exterminator for this purpose.

What are the different types of termite treatment?

There are four main types of pre construction anti termite treatment procedures used for residential purposes. Aside from homes, these treatments also apply to commercial properties. This is the most common treatment where the pest control experts/exterminators poison the soil using abrasive termiticides.

What to do about termite in concrete slab?

This is the most common treatment where the pest control experts/exterminators poison the soil using abrasive termiticides. The pest control experts will work on the area in which the builders will pour the concrete slab. Also, exterminators will treat the area where wood materials will be in contact with.