Is revolving sushi cheap?

“They’re relatively cheap compared to sit-down sushi places,” University of Oregon student A.J. Nichols said. “They also give you an immediacy to the food. You don’t have to wait at all. You can go in there and start eating immediately.”

How do revolving sushi bars work?

Kaiten-zushi is a sushi restaurant where the plates with the sushi are placed on a rotating conveyor belt or moat that winds through the restaurant and moves past every table, counter and seat. Customers may place special orders. The final bill is based on the number and type of plates of the consumed sushi.

How does revolving sushi work Sapporo?

Often those belts bear sushi, but since the first local one here was a hot-pot spot, Sapporo breaks new ground. Here’s how it works: a conveyor belt holding dozens of dishes with clear covers snakes through the dining area. Customers take plates, which are counted at the end of the meal, with a $2.50 per-plate charge.

Do you tip at Revolving sushi?

Tipping is not required, but it is an option. Servers and kitchen staff half the tips each shift. Servers seat customers, serve drinks and special dishes, buss the tables, and assist customers and kitchen in other various ways. They complete our dining experience!

How much does a piece of sushi cost?


Sashimi $2-$3 per piece
Nigiri $2-$4 per piece
Premium Nigiri $5-$8 per piece
Sushi Rolls (one type of fish) $1-$3 per piece
Specialty Rolls (two types of fish) $2-$4 per piece

What is in a golden crunchy roll?

It has a center of a shrimp tempura, snow crab mix, cucumber, and avocado and then it is topped with crunchy tempura flakes, which is how it got its name. Not too complicated but yet, very delicious and fulfilling.

What time is Sapporo happy hour?

Sapporo – Scottsdale popular Happy Hour specials highlight the restaurant’s creative cocktail menu and is available seven days a week from 3-7pm throughout the restaurant.

What is the capital of Sapporo?

Sapporo (札幌, “important river flowing through a plain” in Ainu language) is the capital of Hokkaido and Japan’s fifth largest city. Sapporo is also one of the nation’s youngest major cities. In 1857, the city’s population stood at just seven people.

Should you tip at a sushi bar?

Tipping is not customary in Japan. If you are truly impressed with your meal, however, some sushi bars will set out a special jar for you to tip the sushi chef. But perhaps the best tip is a happy “domo arigato” (thank you for the meal).

Do you tip sushi?

A couple glasses are fine. * Do tip your chef. In Japan, the service fee is included, but not in the U.S. A standard 20% tip is acceptable.

Who are the pioneers of revolving sushi restaurants?

As pioneers of the “revolving sushi” concept, the Kura family of companies have improved upon the idea and developed innovative systems that combine advanced technology, premium ingredients, and affordable prices to create a unique revolving sushi dining experience.

Is the sushi at the revolving sushi factory good?

The sushi is excellent and fresh. They have a great selection of not only sushi but tempura, ramen, hand rolls, and more. Check this place out and see for yourself how awesome it is. Oh and it is very reasonably priced. This is one of the neatest little places I’ve ever been to.

Where is Bento revolving sushi in Fair Oaks?

Welcome to Bento Revolving Sushi Located in the heart of Fair Oaks CA. At Bento Revolving Sushi we serve the finest Japanese cuisine, sushi with a big range of Chinese and Japanese options. With 20 years of experience cooking in the finest restaurants, our chef is excited to present their vision to you and all our guests.

What makes Kura revolving sushi bar so good?

Our patented Mr. Freshᵀᴹ ventilated sushi lid and plate-tracking technology ensures your food is always fresh and delicious. We are continuously coming up with delicious and delightful menu items. Enjoy our seasonal dishes and themed menus every time you return.