Is revive a good skateboard brand?

Most skaters agree ReVive’s decks are just as good and solid as other top-quality “pro” skateboard brands – many feel there’s no difference in quality between these brands and ReVive’s solid rock hard Canadian maple decks.

Where is revive Skateboards based?

Cincinnati, OH
Revive Skateboards PO Box 30022 Cincinnati, OH Skateboards & Equipment – MapQuest.

Is Braille and ReVive the same?

Braille is owned by Aaron Kyro. Revive is owned by Andy Schrock. Braille has pros, but Kyro isn’t one of them. Kyro is pro for Revive.

What size wheel does Aaron Kyro use?

Aaron Kyro Triceratops- 51mm.

What wheels does John Hill use?

John Hill Hawk – 53mm QUALITY FORCE WHEELS Set of 4 wheels 52mm 101a durometer Built for the smoothest parks and the roughest streets!

How big is a revive skateboard in inches?

ReVive completes are some of the most affordable options around. This is one of the simpler ReVive decks. It comes in a standard shape and size. It is 31.5 inches long and you can get it in varying widths. It’s made from 7plys of maple and has the basic ReVive logo on the bottom.

Is the revive skateboard company a reliable brand?

But over time, ReVive has proven itself to be a reliable brand. They make reliable products that are of similar quality to other skate brands. And they use a manufacturer based in Pennsylvania to help them produce their decks. That said, some skaters don’t like them because they undercut skate shops.

How to revive skateboards, decks, and cruisers?

Revive Skateboards All Revive Skateboards Decks Youth Decks Cruisers Complete Skateboards Apparel Youth Apparel Headwear Skateboard Ramp DVD/Digital Downloads Accessories *SALE* Force Wheels All Force Wheels Wheels

What are the stickers on revive skateboards super pack?

Introducing the Shredquarters Super Pack!! Included are 5 of each of the following stickers: -Emblem logo -Gold Spray foil -Red Lifeline -Controller Logo -Silver Slash foil -Black and White Block logo This sticker pack contains 3 of each of the following stickers: gold foil, Warehouse Wednesday, and Revive Emblem.