Is Plymouth Gin still made in Plymouth?

The Plymouth Gin distillery (formerly known as the Black Friars Distillery) is now the only gin distillery remaining in the town of Plymouth, England, located in what was once a Dominican Order monastery built in 1431. Before being a gin distillery, the building’s history was both rich and chequered.

What is the oldest gin distillery in England?

The Black Friars Plymouth Gin Distillery
Black Friars Distillery, the working home of Plymouth Gin since 1793, is the oldest working gin distillery in England and is situated in the heart of the historic port city of Plymouth.

Why is it called Plymouth Gin?

Although Plymouth Gin is made in exactly the same way as London Gin, it is the only UK gin to have a geographic designation a bit like an appellation controllee – the result of a series of legal decisions in the 1880s when London distillers began producing a Plymouth gin.

What gin is similar to Plymouth?

What brands of gin taste similar to Plymouth? Very smooth. The one readily available gin I’ve found that also works for me is Tanquerey 10…

What is the oldest brand of gin?

1. Gordon’s. Gordon’s is the oldest brand on this list, having been produced for just shy of 250 years. During this time, Gordon’s cemented itself as the world’s best-selling gin brand.

Who owns Greenall’s gin?

G&J Distillers
Operated by: G&J Distillers from Quintessential Brands Today, G&J Distillers continues to produce the distillery’s flagship London Dry Gin, Greenall’s, alongside the company’s other world-class, award-winning gins, including OPIHR Oriental Spiced Gin, BLOOM Gin, Thomas Dakin Gin and Berkley Square Gin.

What are the four types of gin?

If liquor is to be classified as gin with an ”Appellation of Origin” it must be flavoured with juniper fruit. The European Union legally differentiates gin into four categories. These categories include ”Juniper-flavoured spirit drinks”, ”Gin, ”Distilled gin”, and ”London gin”.

What is special about Plymouth Gin?

Recipe. The Plymouth Original Strength brand of gin is 41.2% ABV. It is different and slightly less dry than the much more common London style of gin, purportedly due to a higher than usual proportion of root ingredients, which bring a more ‘earthy’ feel to the gin as well as a softened juniper flavour.