Is my child left or right-brained?

Children are predominantly right-brained until 3 years old, when blood flow typically shifts to the left hemisphere of the brain. Between ages 4-7, the left side takes over until about 10 years of age when the brain begins to balance itself out. This is what researchers have defined as normal – but I HATE that word.

What differences in functioning exist between the left and right hemispheres of the brain?

The left hemisphere of the brain is in-charge of the cognitive functions such as speech and language. The right hemisphere of the brain is more on creativity and face recognition. For many people, it is possible to be logical and creative at the same time.

Is the left and right side of the brain the same?

A young child’s brain is simply letting its dominant side take over, and not blending with the other in order to reach its full potential. The brain is divided into two hemispheres – the right and left. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, with the left side dominant over the right.

Which is the dominant side of the brain in children?

To understand which side of the brain is dominant in a child, adults can observe how the child responds to various situations. Diane Connell, Ed.D, finds children who prefer to work alone, and find researching and analyzing facts interesting are left-brain dominant.

Is there such thing as a right brain oriented child?

It is not uncommon for right-brain oriented children to be “late bloomers” academically. If you are struggling in your homeschool with a child who is not learning effectively, you might have a child with right-brain learning characteristics.

Which is the best subject for a left brained child?

Arithmetic, with its logical, sequential steps, is also a subject in which left-brained children often excel, although conceptual mathematical subjects such as geometry may be challenging. Left-brained children tend to benefit from an auditory teaching style, and often demonstrate academic aptitude early on.