Is Jeanne Tripplehorn still acting?

Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S. Jeanne Marie Tripplehorn (born June 10, 1963) is an American actress. She began her career on stage, acting in several plays throughout the early 1990s, including Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters on Broadway….Television.

Year 2020
Title Mrs. America
Role Eleanor Schlafly
Notes Miniseries

Who is the little girl that played in Waterworld?

Albertina Marie Majorino
She started her career as a child actor, starring in films such as Andre; When a Man Loves a Woman; Corrina, Corrina; and Waterworld….

Tina Majorino
Born Albertina Marie Majorino February 7, 1985 Westlake, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1992–1999, 2004–present

Who replaces Alex in criminal minds?

Jeanne Tripplehorn
‘Criminal Minds’ Premiere: Jeanne Tripplehorn Joins Team With Paget Brewster gone, “Criminal Minds” introduced Jeanne Tripplehorn as her replacement Alex Blake. An FBI linguistics expert, Alex’ skills were immediately put to the test in the eight season …

Who are the parents of Jeanne Tripplehorn the actress?

Born on June 10, 1963, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jeanne is the daughter of Suzanne Ferguson and Tom Tripplehorn. Ferguson is a published non-fiction author while Tripplehorn was a guitarist once associated with 1960s pop and rock group Gary Lewis & the Playboys.

What was the first movie that Jeanne Tripplehorn starred in?

Jeanne Tripplehorn. Her film career began with the role of a police psychologist in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct (1992). Her other film roles include The Firm (1993), Waterworld (1995) and Sliding Doors (1998). On television, she starred as Barbara Henrickson on the HBO drama series Big Love (2006–11) and as Dr.

Who was Jeanne Tripplehorn replacing in the firm?

Jeanne’s mastery in playing the weird psychiatrist role established her as a talented actress. Her major break came as she replaced Robin Wright, who was cast as Tom Cruise’s wife in the box-office hit movie The Firm (1993).

When did Jeanne Tripplehorn appear on Big Love?

Despite landing significant roles in high-profile features early in her career, actress Jeanne Tripplehorn worked for years before becoming a household name on the hit cable series, “Big Love” (HBO, 2006-11).