Is Jasmine white a warm white?

On every wall the colour goes on easy and dries down uniform with a smooth finish. It’s a very nice creamy white, crisp but still warm.

Is Jasmine white in colour?

The color jasmine is a pale tint of yellow, displayed at right. It is a representation of the average color of the more yellowish lower part of the pale yellowish white colored jasmine flower. The first recorded use of jasmine as a color name in English was in 1925.

Which Dulux white is the best?


  • Dulux Natural White™
  • Dulux Whisper White.
  • Dulux Lexicon® Quarter.
  • Dulux Vivid White™
  • Dulux White on White™
  • Dulux Lexicon®
  • Dulux Hog Bristle® Quarter.
  • Dulux Antique White U.S.A.®

Who makes jasmine white paint?

Jasmine White is a warm white paint from Dulux.

Is Dulux Natural white warm or cool?

The lightest of warm whites is also one of our most popular. Loved by home renovators and interior designers alike, this versatile white will brighten any space.

Is Dulux white cotton a warm white?

Dulux White Cotton White Cotton is a very slight off-white which also looks great paired with grey. If you are after a warmer finish I’ve read Dulux Jasmine White is a good option.

What RAL Colour is jasmine White?

Jasmine White Color Codes

Hex Code #F9F8F5
Closest Web Safe #FFFFFF
Inverse Color #06070A [Vampire Black]
Closest Pantone® 7436 C
Closest RAL 9016 [Traffic white]

What Colour is timeless?

Timeless is a neutral cream colour from Dulux This cream shade is lighter and less yellow toned than others, giving it a subtle touch. This will leave rooms feeling cosy and not as stark as a white paint, like Dulux White Cotton.

What is the difference between Dulux Trade white and pure brilliant white?

Re: Whats the difference Dulux Trade White and PBW? Pure Brilliant White is slightly whiter than standard white.. in the same way that there are 50 shades of grey..

What is a warm white Dulux?

Unlike cool whites, which have blue or green undertones, warm whites are tinted with warm hues, such as red and yellow, making them perfect for adding warmth and light to dark or small spaces.

What RAL colour is Jasmine white?