Is it common to have an abnormal mammogram?

How common are abnormal mammograms? Each year about 10 percent of women who receive mammograms will be told their mammogram was abnormal, and they will be recalled for additional testing.

What happens if your mammogram is abnormal?

The mammogram will show no sign of breast cancer. If your mammogram does show something abnormal, you will need follow-up tests to check whether or not the finding is breast cancer. Most abnormal findings on a mammogram are not breast cancer. For most women, follow-up tests will show normal breast tissue.

What causes an abnormal mammogram to come back?

Abnormal mammogram results could be due to a non-cancerous tumor, cyst, or dense breast tissue. Often, patients return for further testing and are found to be cancer-free. See What Our Patients Are Saying!

How does Roswell Park do mammography for breast cancer?

At Roswell Park, we use advanced 3D breast imaging technology called tomosynthesis, which increases the accuracy of screening by lowering the chance of recall after mammography screening. Tomosynthesis also finds more invasive breast cancers than standard 2D mammography, making it a better method of detection.

When to get a mammogram in western New York?

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in Western New York, affecting 1 out of every 8 women (12.5%). Mammography is the most effective screening tool to detect breast cancer, especially among women 40 and older. Studies show that getting a yearly mammogram reduces your risk of dying from breast cancer by 20–40%.

What’s the odds of not having cancer after a mammogram?

Things that we think are under 2 percent chance that it’s not cancer; we usually don’t do a biopsy. That means that things have a 5 percent chance of being cancer. Dr. Tom Miller: Still really quite small.