Is innokin a good vape?

It’s an awesome little mouth lung vape with a 1000mAh battery and fires up to 13 watts. You won’t need to worry about different modes or wattage with this one, which is why newbie vapers love it. You just fill up the tank with your nicotine juice, 5 clicks on, hold to fire and you’re good to go.

What is innokin vape?

Innokin Technology Innokin electronic cigarettes give you true vaping freedom. With Innokin ecigs you simply add your preferred eLiquid flavors and then you select the precise power output which creates a perfect taste with the ideal amount of vapor.

What is the best innokin?

Top 5 Innokin Vape Kits

  1. Innokin Adept Zlide.
  2. Innokin Endura T20S.
  3. Innokin Sceptre.
  4. Innokin Endura T18E.
  5. Innokin Coolfire Z50. Starting our countdown is the Innokin Coolfire Z50, for vape fans looking for a kit with a little bit of weight to it.

Why is my innokin vape not working?

If you try to vape and are stopped by a flashing button, this typically means the short-circuit protection feature has kicked in. The common culprit is wayward e-liquid; if there’s any loose liquid near the connector points on the tank or battery, the device won’t fire until it’s cleaned up.

How long do innokin Sceptre coils last?

Battery Life With the 1.2ohm coil on the higher (boost) power level I got 15 hours in total!

Why does my innokin Sceptre taste burnt?

If you’re experiencing more burnt hits than not, it’s a sign that you need to replace your coil. Prolonged vaping using the same coil will eventually wear out the wick, which evaporates your e-liquid to create vapour, causing that nasty burnt taste.

Why is my Sceptre vape flashing green?

The green flashing like is an indicator that there is a shortage between the coil and battery. Make sure you tank isn’t on the battery to tight. This can damage the connection pin in the battery and it could be stuck down and may need a pokes with a pen to get the spring back the pin.