Is Gabriel Jewelry good quality?

Gabriel and Co Jewelry Gabriel and co is also known for their gorgeous fine quality jewelry. They have necklaces, bracelets and earrings that display their commitment to beauty, fashion and sensuality.

Are Gabriel diamonds real?

Gabriel & Co. has long-supported clear, accurate and unambiguous disclosure of natural mined diamonds. They have chosen to use only natural diamonds that can be verified through their stringent sourcing and tracking processes.

Is Gabriel and Co a good brand?

creates some of the finest jewelry on the market. Their designs feature the latest trends, their craftsmanship is unrivaled, and they use only the highest-quality stones, gold, and platinum available. Simply put, Gabriel & Co. sets a standard that other jewelry companies seek to follow.

What kind of jewelry does Gabriel and co make?

Fine Jewelry Everyday Enhance your everyday style with Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry that transforms any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Our original collection inspired by the Balinese art of persuasion. Gabriel & Co. lets you choose the piece that is uniquely beautiful and uniquely you.

Where can I get the best engagement ring?

Finding a perfect, made-for-you engagement ring is simple. Gabriel & Co. is here to make your forever more beautiful. NEW FROM GABRIEL & CO. An attractively priced, curated fine jewelry label celebrating the vibrant individuality of the young-at-heart. Designed for a special day or just Wednesday.

How to book an appointment with Gabriel and co?

A click on the “Book An Appointment” button will take you to our Concierge appointment page for scheduling an appointment. Take a trip to the local store and try on the selected Gabriel & Co. ring (s). No pressure, no commitments.

How long does it take to exchange a Gabriel ring?

Shop Confidently: a Gabriel Exclusive® is our exchange program where you can exchange any ring for an equal or higher value at no additional cost within one year of purchase. Register your ring within 30 days of purchase to enroll in all three warranties.