Is Fred coming back to Drop Dead Diva?

Fred is back on Drop Dead Diva— and this time, the real Jane is with him! Ben Feldman, who recurred on Mad Menearlier this season, will reprise his role as guardian angel Fred is the Season 4 finale of the Lifetime hit, and has the exclusive first look at his return.

Is there a season 7 of Drop Dead Diva?

For Lifetime, the decision to end Drop Dead Diva comes five months after the female-skewing cable network opted to cancel its longest-running drama, Army Wives, after seven seasons. The cabler will bow a two-hour retrospective — Army Wives: A Final Salute — on Sunday, March 16 at 9 p.m.

Why did Drop Dead Diva replace Fred Luke?

Luke is a guardian angel sent to replace Fred to oversee Jane and to convince her that she has to let go of Deb’s soul that has lived in Jane’s mortal body.

What happened to Drop Dead Diva?

Lifetime has cancelled Drop Dead Diva again. THR posted the news, stating that the upcoming sixth season of Drop Dead Diva will be its last. The series is set to return Sunday, March 23 at 9:00 p.m. with a two-hour premiere, and a number of guest stars — Rick Springfield, S.

Why does Parker leave Drop Dead Diva?

The actor’s exit is the result of budget cuts that came with the surprise fifth season renewal; other belt-tightening measures include reducing production to seven days per episode and doing less on-location filming.

Does Grayson fall in love Jane?

In season 4, Grayson begins to show feeling for Jane and has attempted to tell her. In Jane’s Getting Married, he finally confessed his true feelings for her and they share a kiss.

Why did Fred and Stacey break up?

They break up and Fred is heartbroken. After Stacy realized that her co-star was a jerk and sleeping with her assistant she slaps him and goes to jail. Grayson later bails her out and kisses Stacy at his office and Jane sees and tells Fred. Fred was crushed because he was going to propose to Stacy.

Who Is Kim pregnant by on Drop Dead Diva?

Noah Kaswell
Noah Kaswell is the infant son of Kim Kaswell and Jay Parker. He was probably conceived sometime in Season 4. Kim was pregnant with him throughout early Season 5 and gave birth to him in 50 Shades of Grayson.

Is Stacy on Drop Dead Diva pregnant in real life?

She’s so funny. Yes, Kate went on maternity leave both in real life and on the show, but she returns full time in the episode that airs March 30, which is, we have our two hour premiere and then she returns the next week with Episode 3.