Is EMI a demon general?

Maou declares his true identity as a Demon King from another world, but Emi shrugs off the question, claiming she is a human, though she possesses half-angel blood. Maou and Ashiya confirm they are indeed the Demon King and General Alciel before telling the humans to wait for them at the “Devil’s Castle” later on.

Is Hataraku MAOU-Sama good?

Hataraku Maou-sama! is definitely an anime I would recommend to all anime fans, as it is very entertaining and will give you a good laugh. In my opinion, this show should have a second season, as it doesn’t quite give you that sense of fulfillment at the end….Reviews.

Overall 9
Animation 8
Sound 9
Character 9
Enjoyment 9

How does EMI change after being rescued by Maou?

After being rescued by Maou and company, Emi’s demeanor with Maou changes drastically. Emi’s gentler disposition and more recent displays of affection are shown to confuse Maou, prompting him to react awkwardly due to his lack of familiarity with this side of her.

What’s the relationship between Maou and Emi Yusa?

On occasion they both acknowledge that the day may come when both will be enemies again, though as the story continues, this becomes less apparent. Due to how often she interacts with Maou, Emi has grown mostly relaxed around him, much to her surprise. At times it is almost as though their enmity never existed.

What’s the relationship between Ashiya and Maou?

Given that Emi is no longer being mean to Maou, and that was a major point of contention between Ashiya and Emi, their relationship may further improve with time. Her friend and colleague at Docodemo, Rika appreciates Emi for not prying into her past when the former revealed that she was originally from Kobe.

How did Chiho and Maou’s relationship get shaky?

Their relationship gets a little shaky when Chiho starts becoming jealous of the fact that Emi and Maou are growing closer a fact that causes her to later breakdown. It is also shown that both Chiho and her mother think that Emi is a respectable and trustworthy person.