Is Del Boy Trotter dead?

By 1985, Del was reunited with old flame June Snell. He had last seen her in September 1965 and she was pregnant. He soon died and in February 1985 the Trotters united in grief. At the funeral, an old sailor with a beard introduced himself as Albert Trotter, younger brother of Grandad.

Who did Del Boy married?

Raquel Turner
Del Boy

Derek (Del Boy) Trotter
Occupation Market trader (1960–1996, 2001–2015) Entrepreneur (1996—2001)
Family Reg Trotter (father) Joan Trotter (mother) Rodney Trotter (half-brother)
Spouse Raquel Turner (partner)
Children Damien Trotter

Who is Rodney Trotters dad?

Freddie Robdal
Rodney Trotter/Father

Who played Rodney Trotter?

Nicholas LyndhurstOnly Fools and Horses
Rodney Trotter/Played by

Is Tyler Del Boy’s son?

Tyler Boyce is a character appearing in Only Fools and Horses. He is son to Aubrey Boyce and his wife Marlene. His story is continued in the spin off series The Green Green Grass, which began filming in June 2005, in which he and his family fled from The Driscoll Brothers to the countryside.

What is the age difference between Del Boy and Rodney?

However some episodes of Only Fools and Horses do not support this; in “Big Brother”, 1981, Rodney states to Del that he is 23 years of age, which would make his year of birth 1957 or 1958. In the same episode Del Boy states that there is a thirteen-year age gap between himself and Rodney.

What qualifications does Rodney have?

Rodney graduated from Dockside Secondary Modern with a GCE in Maths and Art. He failed in the other 8 subjects, probably because Del helped him with his GCE’s. In about 1980, now aged 19, Rodney took a course at an art college in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

How much older is Del Boy than Rodney?

Who was meant to play Del Boy?

First choice to play Del Boy was the actor Enn Reitel, but he was tied up with other work. Next to be approached was future Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent, who also turned down the role. With ‘Horses’ ready to roll and no Del in sight, it was all getting a little worrying.

Who was Del Boy Trotter in Only Fools and horses?

In 1981, Jason found his most famous role, Del Boy Trotter in the BBC situation comedy Only Fools and Horses, created by John Sullivan. Del is a wide boy who makes a dishonest living in Peckham, south London, trading in broken, stolen, and counterfeit goods.

How old was Del Trotter when he had his son?

In November 1960, Joan Trotter gave birth to a son Rodney Trotter, a younger brother for 15 year old Del. Del used to sell knocked off Tom Jones LP’s. Using his new reputation as music mogul, Del managed to blag a double date with Glenda & Pam, two girls from school.

When was the last time David Jason played Del Boy?

His last original appearance as Del Boy was in 2014, while Jason retired his role as Frost in 2010. In September 2006 Jason topped the poll to find TV’s 50 Greatest Stars, as part of ITV ‘s 50th anniversary celebrations. He was knighted in 2005 for services to drama.

How did Del Boy and Marlene Trotter meet?

In 1963, Del Boy met Marlene at a betting shop down Lewisham Grove and they began dating, whilst she was actually seeing Boycie at the time. Del planned to take her on the holiday of a lifetime but one day she packed him in suddenly, yet the night before he had taken her to his flat so she could meet his mum and dad for the first time.