Is CLA Vocals any good?

The Waves CLA Vocals plugin makes my list of top favorites and is always in the running to be used in my mixes because of its simplicity of use, and the instant noticeable improvement as soon as you apply it to a channel. You can use it on the vocal channel itself, or on the vocal bus, or even in parallel if you like.

What is CLA Vocals used for?

Make Your Vocal Tracks Shine! No matter what type of vocal sound your music calls for, CLA Vocals lets you get there quickly and intuitively. You’ll have all the control you need over dynamics, tone, and even effects, all optimized for Vocals.

What is CLA in audio?

In early 2010, Waves Audio released the “CLA Artist Signature Collection”, a collection of six application-specific audio plug-ins for vocals, drums, bass, guitar and the last two of them called “unplugged” (designed for acoustic elements) and “effects” (a collection of six different effects).

Which CLA is best for vocals?

The Best Plugins for Vocals The Waves CLA 2A is my go to plug-in for vocal compression, though almost all of the LA-2A plugins out there are great.

Are CLA plugins worth it?

Worth the money, great all around vocal plugin It comes with several presets that are great starting points. I ended up tweaking them to my liking, but you could easily just use them out-of-the-box. I usually used CLA in a track bus, and then routed individual vocal tracks to the bus.

What is CLA plugin?

Multi-effect plugin that delivers the radio-ready sound of Grammy-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, U2): reverb, delay, distortion, EQ and more. Chris Lord-Alge on CLA Effects: “CLA Effects does it all.

Is CLA MixHub worth it?

CLA Mixhub = Pretty Cool and Sounds Great The good: It sounds very good. The comps and eq are great and very easy to tweak. It is good enough as a stand alone channel strip to pay the asking price. The Bucket View makes it easy to tweak comp and eq in “groups” which is a similar workflow to a console – at least for me.

Why do people hate CLA plugins?

They make very few plugins that aren’t beat by free stuff and their ui’s are dated. They hate them because they can’t afford them. Waves is cheap.

What does the CLA vocals plugin do for You?

“ The CLA Vocals plugin is one of my secret weapons for vocal producing. It makes vocals sound crispy and with finished quality by a click of the button. There are also amazing preset options that I love to start with – I wouldn’t know where to begin without the CLA bundles! ”

What kind of plugin do I need for vocals?

“ The Chris Lord-Alge Vocals plugin is just magic for vocals. It gives that nice polish and shine that no other plugin can touch. I use this when I want to create warmth and spice for the vocals.

What kind of effects do you need for CLA?

You also get three flavors of the top six effects you need: the right amount of bass, treble, compression, reverb, delay, and chorusing/doubling.” CLA’s radio-ready rock sound – instantly!