Is Citation XLS single pilot?

There is no single-pilot waiver for the Excel, however. One of the best features in buying a Citation is the worldwide service network. Complaints of the design are few, but some consider the Excel’s flap/horizontal stabilizer interconnect to be odd.

How fast is a Citation Encore?

426 knots
The Cessna Citation Encore has a maximum high speed cruise velocity of 426 knots, which this private jet is capable of maintaining at an altitude of 37,000 feet.

How much does a new Citation XLS cost?

The price to buy a new Cessna Citation XLS aircraft was listed at $13 million in 2019. The jets are still in production but second-hand models are available with an average sale price of $7.1 million, according to Business Jet Traveler.

How many seats are in a Citation XLS?

Cessna Citation Excel/Number of seats

How fast is a Citation XLS?

498 mph
Cessna Citation Excel/Top speed
The Citation Excel has a cruise speed of 422 knots, a range of 1,839 nautical miles, a climb rate of 3,790 feet per minute, and requires approximately 3,959 feet of runway to takeoff and 3,755 to land.

How much does a Citation Encore cost?

Citation Encore Specifications

Citation Encore General Info
Aircraft Manufacturer Cessna
Aircraft Year of Manufacture 1998 – 2008
Citation Encore Financial Data
Acquisition Cost $2,520,000 – $3,080,000

How fast is a Citation Excel?

Cessna Citation Excel/Top speed

How much does a Cessna Citation Encore cost?

Prices for new models approach $10 million. For operators needing 1,600+ nautical miles of range and the ability to carry up to 9 passengers, but not yet ready to commit new aircraft capital, there is another option – the venerable Citation Encore+.

What’s the difference between a Cessna encore and a Phenom 300?

Retaining the attributes that made earlier 560 models so successful, Cessna updated the Encore’s cabin with a more stylish interior, installed new “trailing link” landing gear (for smoother landings) and the latest Pratt & Whitney PW535A engines (still in production on Embraer’s Phenom 300).

When did the Cessna Citation XLS + come out?

The Citation XLS+, or simply “Plus” configuration was another upgraded version of the aircraft which began delivery in 2008, with the inclusion of FADEC engine controls, improved PW545C engines, and a completely revised nose design similar to that found on the Citation Sovereign and Citation X.