Is changing your eye color with laser safe?

In 2015, the American Academy of Ophthalmology warned consumers about laser surgery to change eye color, stating that “the procedure has yet to undergo clinical trial testing in the United States to determine any potential safety risks.”18 The organization expressed concern that liberation of pigment during the …

Can you surgically change your eye color?

Iris implant surgery is a procedure to insert a prosthetic iris, the colored portion of the eye. This can restore vision and change eye color. Initially developed to treat people with iris defects such as ocular albinism or aniridia. Worldwide, the surgery is sometimes also used cosmetically.

Is turning brown eyes blue dangerous?

‘The main concern with any procedure that involves releasing pigment inside the eye is that the pigment can clog up the normal drainage channels which can in turn cause the pressure inside the eye to go up,” he said. “If that happens significantly enough, for long enough, it’s how patients develop glaucoma.”

Are there any eye color surgery that is dangerous?

One procedure involves an implant that covers the iris and makes your eye color look lighter or different. This surgery is not available in the U.S. It is considered dangerous due to its side effects. The other eye color surgery is still in clinical trials, but it theoretically uses a low-energy laser to remove brown tint so your eye becomes blue.

How does laser eye surgery change your eye color?

The outcome of the laser procedure will permanently change your eye color to blue. The implant, on the other hand, does not change the color of your iris but instead blocks it with a different, usually lighter color device. While this technically does not change your eye color, it changes what people see of your eye color.

Is it safe to change your eye color?

Changing your eye color with surgery is not a viable option. You are more likely to suffer severe eye damage leading to vision loss than you are to get the eye color you want. Instead of undergoing a risky procedure, work with a qualified optometrist to be fitted for color-changing contact lenses.

Is there a laser that can turn brown eyes green?

Stroma, meanwhile, a soon-to-be option that’s still in development, is a laser device that can help turn brown eyes blue or green. It was developed by Gregg Homer, PhD, of Stroma Medical on the premise that all brown-eyed people have blue pigment in their irises and that a 30-second session under the special laser can destroy that melanin.