Is ascensus owned by Vanguard?

Ascensus is not affiliated with VMC, The Vanguard Group, Inc., or any of its affiliates. For more information about any fund, including investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses, call Vanguard at 800-523-1188 to obtain a prospectus. The prospectus contains this and other important information about the fund.

Is ascensus a good company?

The website provides for timely, quality reporting and self service, both for the employer and the employees. I wholeheartedly recommend Ascensus to anyone looking for a 401k TPA. Ascensus is one of our favorite 401k recordkeepers. They have great service and low fees.

What is the company ascensus?

Ascensus is the largest independent recordkeeping services partner, third-party administrator, and government and health savings facilitator in the United States. We’re also one of the savings plan industry’s leading providers of outsourced services.

Where is ascensus headquarters located?

Dresher, Pennsylvania, United States
Ascensus/Headquarters locations

Is Vanguard A recordkeeper?

As an experienced recordkeeper, we provide the service and support you need to meet your fiduciary duties. From plan administration to thought leadership to technology, I work to bring all of Vanguard’s resources to bear on my client relationships.

Is Ascensus owned by Merrill Lynch?

Ascensus does a lot of businesses through Merrill Lynch, as well as many other major broker dealers, and has been able to leverage relationships with DCiO providers due to their open platform structure.

How many employees does ascensus?


Type Private
Products Retirement plans; 529 plans; individual retirement accounts; health savings accounts
Revenue US$ 302.5 million (2018)
Number of employees 4000 (2020)

Is ascensus owned by Merrill Lynch?

What is ascensus worth?

Investors Genstar, Aquiline and Atlas sold Ascensus for a deal valued at $3 billion to rollup IPO-prep experts at Stone Point, according to reports. Take that. Rich Rosenbaum: ‘The market previously failed to recognize what we saw.

What is the relationship between Vanguard and Ascensus?

Vanguard will offer a bundled 401(k) and profit-sharing plan service for companies with assets of less than $20 million through a partnership with Ascensus. The plan combines Vanguard investment options with recordkeeping from Ascensus.

Where is the Ascensus Trust office in Fargo ND?

Office Location. Ascensus Trust Company. 1655 43rd Street South, Suite 100. Fargo, ND 58103. Phone: (701) 234-0207. Fax: (800) 591-2564.

How to contact Ascensus Trust and custody group?

[email protected] Trust and Custody Services. Provident Trust Group. 888-855-9856. [email protected]

Why do we need Ascensus trust in our business?

Not only do we safeguard assets, we make it affordable to reach more clients and streamline your daily responsibilities. This way, you can focus on what’s most important—developing trusted relationships and growing your business.