Is A10 5800K good?

No, it’s not a good combo. If you’re looking for gaming, and you’re on a budget, get an A10 and very fast ram. If you don’t care about budget, get a real CPU – an i5-3xxx, and a discrete graphics card – if you want to max out everything, you’re looking at a 670 or 7970.

Does AMD Dual Graphics work with Nvidia?

no, amd a10 5800k cannot ‘dual graphics’ with nvidia gpu. the simple answer is that they’re from a totally different brand and architecture. the maximum card for amd’s dual gfx is radeon hd 6670.

Do APU and GPU work together?

Can an APU work with a GPU? Yes, you can absolutely use an APU and a discrete GPU in the same build. It’s not that your integrated and discrete GPU can’t work together as a team, it’s that it wouldn’t actually increase your FPS, but lower it.

Is A10 7860K good for gaming?

The AMD A10-7860K is a balanced processor in terms of price, performance, power usage, and gaming capabilities. It’s a good choice if you’re upgrading a FM2+ DIY PC.

Is AMD A10 5800K?

The AMD A10-5800K is a desktop APU based on the Trinity architecture. The chip is produced ​​in a 32nmprocess and integrates 2 modules with 4 CPU cores clocked at 3.8 to 4.2 GHz. Furthermore, the 5800K has a Radeon HD 7660D graphics unit and a DDR3-1866 memory controller….AMD A10-5800K.

Series AMD A-Series (Desktop)
Codename Trinity

What kind of processor does AMD A10-5800K have?

This item AMD A10-5800K APU 3.8Ghz Processor AD580KWOHJBOX AMD AMD A6-7400K Dual-Core 3.5 GHz Socket FM2+ Desktop Processor Radeon R5 Series (AD740KYBJABOX) AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Processor with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics AMD A10-9700 Quad-core (4 Core) 3.50 GHz Processor – Socket AM4Retail Pack

When did the AMD Virgo platform come out?

Oct 02, 2012: Today AMD officially introduced “Virgo” platform, consisting of six different “Trinity” Accelerated Processing Units, and three motherboard chipsets: AMD A55, A75 and A85X.

What kind of AMD graphics card do I Need?

A: Radeon HD 6670, HD 7570 (DDR), HD 7570 (GDDR5) and HD 7670 graphics cards are recommended. The following discrete GPUs are supported as well: Radeon HD 6570 and HD 7470. Radeon HD 7450 card is not supported.

What’s the name of the new AMD processor?

New A-series processors, codenamed “Trinity”, are expected to have better CPU and GPU performance then older “Llano” counterparts. The upcoming A-Series products are produced in socket FM2 form factor, incompatible with previous generation of socket FM1 motherboards.