Is 16 Blocks a good movie?

The site’s consensus reads: “Despite strong performances from Bruce Willis and Mos Def, 16 Blocks barely rises above being a shopworn entry in the buddy-action genre.” On Metacritic, it has a weighted average score of 63 out of 100, based on 34 reviews, which indicates “generally favorable reviews”.

Is 16 Blocks a remake of the gauntlet?

16 Blocks was heavily inspired by The Gauntlet. Both films feature an alcoholic detective escorting a loud-mouthed witness, only to find that the city’s police force wants the witness dead. Both films end with the protagonists driving a city bus through a gauntlet of police officers.

How does the movie 16 Blocks end?

In the end, we learn that Jack was actually one of the dirty cops, but he turns himself in along with all the other dirty cops, and keeping Eddie away from harm. Jack goes to jail for two years on a bargain deal, and Eddie becomes a cake baker that he dreamt of being.

Is 16 blocks on Amazon Prime?

Watch 16 Blocks | Prime Video.

Who is the guy in the movie 16 blocks?

Jack goes to get the guy, who is named Eddie Bunker and is played by Mos Def as a motormouth who talks all the time, and I mean all the time, in a litany of complaints about his treatment, his life and his fate. Eddie has the kind of voice that makes fingernails on a blackboard sound like Kenny G. The job looks like a piece of cake.

How old is Bruce Willis in 16 blocks?

The bedrock of the plot is the dogged determination of the Bruce Willis character. Jack may be middle-aged, he may be tired, he may be balding, he may be a drunk, but if he’s played by Bruce Willis you don’t want to bet against him.

What’s the difference between Running Scared and 16 blocks?

Unlike last week’s ” Running Scared, ” which was pitched a few degrees above manic, “16 Blocks” is more of a character study, a two-hander about how Jack has been fed up with the department for a long time, and Eddie’s sweet, goofy nature tilts the balance.

What kind of chase picture is 16 blocks?

That’s the setup for “16 Blocks,” which is a chase picture conducted at a velocity that is just about right for a middle-age alcoholic.