How should I dress for hiking in Iceland?

What Clothes to Pack for an Outdoor Iceland Adventure

  1. Thermal underwear.
  2. Wool/fleece thermal mid-layer and hat.
  3. Hiking pants.
  4. Waterproof pants & jacket.
  5. Warm pair of gloves.
  6. Thick socks (wool or synthetic)
  7. Waterproof hiking boots with stable ankle support.
  8. Swimgear (for the baths)

What is the best Golden Circle tour in Iceland?

15 Best Golden Circle Tours (Iceland)

  • Golden Circle Snorkeling in Silfra with Photos.
  • Full-Day Whale Watching Tour.
  • Lava Tunnel Walk and Golden Circle Tour.
  • Farm Visit and Secret Lagoon Tour.
  • Golden Circle and Fontana Wellness Tour from Reykjavik.
  • Golden Circle and South Shore by Luxury Jeep.

What footwear should I wear in Iceland?

Shoes for Iceland need to be warm and comfortable. A good pair of hiking boots which have a good grip for shale tracks and rugged outdoor terrain are ideal. Good wool socks to stop rubbing would be wise too. Inspect repellent is a good idea in summer if you’re going to be near the water.

Is the Golden Circle tour worth it?

Can you see it on your own? The Golden Circle is definitely worth visiting! Whether you’d prefer a guided tour or self guided tour is another question. The Golden Circle is free to visit, so you’d only need to pay for car rental on a DIY tour.

Is the Blue Lagoon in the Golden Circle?

This tour is essential for all visitors as it includes Iceland’s best-known natural phenomena: Geysir geothermal area, Gullfoss waterfall, Þingvellir national park and the world-famous Blue Lagoon. The second part of the Golden Circle is the mighty waterfall, Gullfoss.

How much money do you need per day in Iceland?

And in all honesty, the cost of a trip to Iceland does not have to be astronomically high. An average trip to Iceland cost for travellers that want to vacation in Iceland is approximately $105-175 per person per day. This means that the cost of 7 days in Iceland is around $735 to $1225.

Where to stop on the Golden Circle in Iceland?

Bruarfoss Waterfall. Located between Þingvellir National Park and Strokkur Geysir, Bruarfoss Waterfall is a great off the beaten path stop if you’re self-driving the Golden Circle. It’s located a short detour from the Golden Circle along a gravel road and then a 10-minute walk to falls after you’ve parked your car.

How to be comfortable in your clothes in Iceland?

As you might have gathered from the above, the key to being comfortable in your clothes in Iceland is to be prepared for all weather at all times. However, some months will typically be colder or warmer, wetter or drier than others.

What to wear to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland?

With that in mind, I recommend you consider wearing the following: Tours to the Blue Lagoon run all year ‘round. Even in the coldest months, you can feel quite warm around the Blue Lagoon with the heat radiating off the 40°C waters. Prepare to wear the following: Glacier hiking tours run all year round in Iceland.

How to dress for the weather in Iceland in September?

How to dress for the weather in Iceland in September. Rain clothes, boots, warm thermals, warm sweater. You can most probably go without a thick parka but you will need wind/rainproof jacket and a thick good sweater underneath. You should 100% bring a swimsuit.