How old is the host Shannon on HSN?

Shannon Smith’s passion for shopping took her to the doorstep of the Home Shopping Network (HSN) around two decades ago….Shannon Smith HSN, Wiki Bio, Age, Married Husband, Net Worth, Weight.

Personal Details Summary
Date of Birth / Birthday / How old is Shannon Smith Age April 1966. As of 2021, she is around 55 years old.

Who is Shannon Smith?

Meet WBIR anchor and reporter Shannon Smith. Shannon Smith is the 10News Weekend morning anchor and feature reporter for Live at Five at Four. She joined the 10News team in January 2018 as a multi-skilled journalist, and is happy to be back home in the southeast!

Is Shannon Smith on HSN?

Shannon Smith is an American News Anchor Who Currently Serves For HSN. Her passion for shopping took her to the doorstep of the Home Shopping Network or HSN around two decades ago.

Where is Shannon Smith?

Smith, who was recently promoted to the weekend morning anchor job, announced her move to a Top 20 market on social networks. She will be the weekend evening anchor at WOIO, the CBS affiliate in Cleveland owned by Gray Television.

Where is Colleen Lopez on HSN?

Tampa Bay area
Television host, business owner, wife, mom, and grandma – Today Colleen works and resides in the Tampa Bay area where she is continually inspired by the beauty that surrounds her. She has been married to her husband, Carlos, for over 30 years and has two grown sons.

What happened to Connie on HSN?

Craig-Carroll left a long goodbye. She pointed out that she had gotten married, had a baby and became a single mom during her tenure at the network, where she has worked since she was 27. She said she is moving on to her next adventure and will be leaving HSN next month.

Where has Courtney Khondabi been?

Courtney Khondabi is an American journalist, anchor and reporter currently serving as an on-air television host at QVC in Philadelphia.

Why did Shannon Smith stay on HSN so long?

If Shannon has stuck on with HSN for so long, it indicates her love and passion for her job! The audience finds her to be highly professional in her style & approach. No, professional does not mean ‘boring’ or ‘rigid’!

What did Shannon Smith do for a living?

Shannon wrote the script for each show. After this, she took up the role of a host on a live TV show. The experience only increased her thirst for taking up more adventurous roles on television!

Who is Shannon Smith married to in real life?

After all, home is where the heart is! She loves the towns of Donnelly and Morris, as much as she does Herman, considering them her hometowns too. There has been no publicly available information thus far on her marital status or romantic relationships.

Where was Shannon Smith born and raised in MN?

Born in April 1966, Shannon is a native of Herman, Minnesota. According to her, her father’s dairy farm is the place to be! After all, home is where the heart is!