How National Service Training Program helps our country in terms of safety and security education and enhancement of the community?

The NSTP is a dynamic service that provides capability enhancement for civil welfare geared towards encouraging youth in improving their skills, knowledge and attitudes on various endeavours developing their interest in community service and responsiveness in attaining peace towards nation building.

What is the importance of NSTP subject to the students?

Why NSTP is important to you as a student essay? This program is useful because students train to become well-disciplined and efficient. NSTP courses are effective in teaching self-improvement, performance, and community involvement. The main goal of the NSTP law is to uphold the role of the youth in nation-building.

What are the 3 components of national service training program?

Three Program Components:

  • Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC)
  • Literacy Training Service (LTS)
  • Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS)

What activities of NSTP CWTS are helpful to the community?

NSTP-CWTS holds community immersion program

  • Table Skirting.
  • Handicraft Making (Doormat, Basket and Flower Making using Indigenous materials)
  • Literacy Program for Adults (Health Awareness and Medicine)
  • Literacy Program for the Children (Basic Education)
  • Feeding for children.

How does NSTP help the community?

The NSTP motivates students to actively involve themselves in community development. Students, faculties, and non-teaching personnel’s passion to help others remains alive as they extend knowledge and skills to help the community through community service.

What are the main goals of the 3 components of NSTP?

NSTP is a program designed to develop the youth’s physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being and promote defense preparedness and ethics of service while undergoing training in any of its three program components.

What can you learn in NSTP?

What is the main concern of NSTP-CWTS?

NSTP-CWTS 101 (Lecture) is a program designed to enhance the civic consciousness of students by developing the value of service and commitment for the welfare and betterment of life of all members of the community.

What are the 3 components of NSTP and define each?

The NSTP has three components: the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), the Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS), and the Literacy Training Service (LTS). Students are required to take two NSTP courses under the component of hes/her choice.

What will become NSTP graduates?

What will become of NSTP graduates? Graduates of non-ROTC components –belong to the National Service Reserve Corps (NSRC) which could be tapped by the State for literacy and civic welfare activities. Graduates of ROTC – shall form part of the AFP Citizen Armed Force, subject to DND requirements.