How much oil goes in a defender gear box?

A new dry gearbox will need 2.4 liters of oil (that’s 4.2 pints), but that’s not our case as we’re draining our gearbox before refilling it.

How much oil does a 300TDI take?

Land Rover Engine Oil Chart
Model Year Capacity Litres
90/110 – 3.5 V8 petrol 1983-1990 5.70
Defender – 2.5 200TDI 1990-1994 6.85
Defender – 2.5 300TDI 1994-1998 6.85

Do you have to fill oil in defender?

The first thing you have to know is the oil capacity of the gearbox. In some Defenders you just have to fill in the gearbox up to the filler plug level. But not on 2.4tdci Defenders. We have to fill the exact amount of oil as said in the manual.

What kind of oil is in a puma defender?

The gear box oil was replaced 40 000k ago by a reputable Land Rover service place. According to the bucket, over 3L came out. It is also nearly black (slightly red) in colour and is thicker than the synthetic engine oil you put into the puma engine. Your comments please. Land Rovers never die, they simply become organ donors!

What kind of oil does a defender transfer box take?

As you can see, our Defender is a 2.4 tdci puma left hand drive, so the transfer box is a LT230. But, if you have another model like a TD5 or TDI it’s a very similar operation. The first thing you have to know is the oil capacity of the transfer box. In some Defenders, you just have to fill in the tranfer box with oil up to the filler plug level.

Where is the oil filler plug on a gearbox defender?

You have to find and remove the filler plug to help the oil have a better draining. It’s located in a tricky place but you can easily see it on the video. You need the allen key of 8 to unscrew it. When that’s done, you can prepare your oil container and place it under the drain plug, ready for flushing.