How much is the second state pension?

There is no fixed amount for the additional state pension under old or new state pension. If you qualified for the state pension before 6 April 2016, you might get some additional pension on top of your basic pension (£137.60 in 2021-22). You’ll automatically get any additional state pension you’re eligible for.

When did State Second Pension end?

6 April 2002
State Second Pension (S2P) The State Second Pension replaced SERPS from 6 April 2002 as the method to provide employees with an earnings related State Pension. It’s paid in addition to any Basic State Pension and isn’t dependent on eligibility for the Basic State Pension.

How is state second pension calculated?

S2P – the benefit calculation The revalued earnings at state pension age in each band are then multiplied by the accrual rate applicable to that band. These revalued earnings are divided by the total number of years in the individual ‘s working life since 1978 to give the S2P benefit.

Will I get full state pension if I contracted out of SERPS?

Whether or not you’ve reached state pension age, the level of state pension income you receive could be affected if you were ever contracted out of SERPS or S2P. If you reached state pension age before this, you’ll receive the old ‘basic state pension’.

Why are there two different state pensions?

The new State Pension is calculated based entirely on your National Insurance contributions. In some circumstances, it can be worked out based on different rules and give you a higher rate if you chose to pay “the married woman’s stamp” or married women and widow’s reduced-rate National Insurance contributions.

How much State Pension will I lose if contracted out?

The good news for those who have been contracted out is that once this calculation has been done as at April 2016, any years of contributions or credits from 2016/17 onwards simply add to your state pension at a rate of 1/35 of the full flat rate.

Why is the new State Pension more than the old?

The new State Pension is influenced by individual’s National Insurance records. People with no National Insurance record by the time the new State Pension is introduced will have to wait for 35 years to qualify for the full amount of the new scheme on reaching the pensionable age.