How much is a MartinLogan?

Martin Logan speakers are available through dealers in the UK and Australia, and though the Neolith’s price has not yet been set for those regions, a direct conversion would be about £51,100 or AU$96,400.

Is MartinLogan a good brand?

MartinLogan Motion 40i is a great-sounding and fairly affordable entry-level audiophile speaker. Its elegant design, accurate, punchy, and controlled bass, clear and dynamic mids, and sparkling treble make it one of the best floorstanding speakers under $2,500.

Who makes MartinLogan?

ShoreView Industries
In October 2005 ML was acquired by a subsidiary of ShoreView Industries. ShoreView is a financial firm that makes investments in companies.

What is Martin Logan known for?

magazine recognized MartinLogan as one of the 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. MartinLogan delivered the world’s first electrostatic center-channel speaker, Logos, and on-wall surround-channel speakers, Stylos.

Where are Martin Logan speakers made?

Headquarters: Lawrence, Kansas MartinLogan’s North American manufacturing facility is located in Mississaugua, Ontario where our electrostatic speakers are hand-built by a highly-trained team of manufacturing specialists.

Where is Martin Logan speakers made?

Is Martin Logan better than Klipsch?

Generally, the Martin Logan are a bit mellower with less emphasis on high frequencies, though they still sound very good and very clear. Because of the Horn Tweeter, the Klipsch are going to be a bit bright. Generally Horns have a somewhat unique sound that you either like or don’t like.

Where are Martin Logan speakers manufactured?

Is MartinLogan made in China?

MartinLogan Factory Tour We are committed to precise manufacturing and have invested heavily to equip our Canadian manufacturing facility with all the tools and talent necessary to build the world’s most precise speakers. We also manufacture some speakers in China and Taiwan R.O.C.

How much is a Martin Logan for sale?

New Price is 3766 GENUINE BIDDERS ONLY PLEASE.PAYMENT BY PAY PAL ONLY.I ALWAYS KEEP PROOF OF POSTAGE.PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 3 DAYS OR ITEM WILL Check out the price evolution of the martin logan. Martin logan motion 15 gloss white loudspeakers,.

What kind of speakers does Martin Logan have?

Martinlogan helos 22 stereo in-ceiling speaker. Martin logan summits, max townsend stands available separately. Martin Logan Aerius Electrostatic speakers ready speakers will be sold with original spikes. the loudspeker is in excellent condition and in full working order.

How much is a Martin Logan motion 15?

Martin Logan Motion 15 Gloss Black Loudspeakers they are a matched pair and have all their original panels/base drivers which are in excellent condition. the sound these speakers produce is truly awesome. martin logan In excellent condition as can be seen in pics Check my feedback and bid with confidence. Value at 479

Is the Martin Logan eslx in good condition?

Martin logan – [mtl044a] active speaker. It has a putty mark on the front cover, but otherwise in good condition. martin logan summits with max townsend stands. Sign up for store newsletter shipping thank you for your interest in our items Martin logan eslx.