How much fuel does a Beechcraft Bonanza burn per hour?


1968 E33 Beechcraft Bonanza 1968 V35A Beechcraft Bonanza
Avg. Fuel Burn at 75% power in standard conditions per hour About 13.4 gallons About 15.3 gallons
Weights and Capacities:
Takeoff/Landing Weight Normal Category N/A N/A
Takeoff/Landing Weight Utility Category 3050 lbs. 3,400 lbs.

How fast does a Beechcraft A36 fly?

Maximum speed: 234 mph. Cruise speed: 195 mph @ 7000 ft. Maximum altitude: ≈16,000 ft. Maximum range: ≈1,300 nm.

Is Bonanza a good plane?

Most Bonanza owners (including me) LOVE there airplane. The combination of flying characteristics, overall performance, and comfort are unmatched by any other airplane in this class. In my opinion the later model Continental engines are preferable to the E-series.

Why is the Beechcraft Bonanza called the doctor killer?

There is a plane called a Beech Bonanza that is nicknamed “The doctor killer.” It gets this name because it’s a single engine plane, which attracts wealthy hobbyist pilots (like doctors) but it’s fast. This causes “the plane to get in front of them”, and for them to crash.

How much is a Beechcraft Bonanza?

The Bonanza G36 has a starting price of about $777,000.

Why are V-tail bonanzas called Doctor Killers?

When did the beech 36 A36 come out?

In 1970 the A36 came out, with the popular club seating option. The marketing focus changed, positioning the 36 more as a larger version of the other Bonanzas rather than as a utility airplane. Many of the luxury options became standard equipment. In 1973, the fuel system was changed.

When did the Beechcraft Bonanza A36 come out?

The six-seater, single-engine aircraft is still being produced by Beechcraft and has been in continuous production longer than any other airplane in history. More than 17,000 Bonanzas of all variants have been built, produced in both distinctive V-tail as well as conventional tail configurations. The model A36 was produced between 1970 and 2005.

How much does it cost to operate an A36?

Very practical answer Jeff to the hourly operating cost of an A36- for a B58 you can double the annual ($10K per year) and double eng and prop reserves, and and double fuel burn to 30 USG per hour, and add 20% to insurance ($4500- per year) – otherwise the hangar, maint, subscription and paint concept figures are same for the twin-A36!!

How many passengers does a Beechcraft Bonanza Have?

Single engine piston aircraft with retractable landing gear. The A36 Bonanza seats up to 5 passengers plus 1 pilot.