How much does Octopus software cost?

What is the pricing for Octopus Server?

Edition Annual Price
Octopus Server, up to 750 targets USD $ 55,500
Octopus Server, up to 1,000 targets USD $ 72,000
Octopus Server, up to 2,000 targets USD $ 138,000
Octopus Server, unlimited targets USD $ 192,000

What is octopus in software?

Octopus Deploy is an automated deployment and release management server. It is designed to simplify deployment of ASP.NET applications Windows Services and databases.

Is Octopus tool free?

Octopus Deploy is a single place for your team to manage releases, automate deployments, and automate the runbooks that keep your software operating. Free for up to 10 deployment targets .

Can octopus deploy to Linux?

Linux servers can be configured as deployment targets in Octopus. The Octopus Server can communicate with Linux targets in two ways: Using the Linux Tentacle.

Is octopus pro a subscription?

Your OctopusPro subscription will automatically renew, and your card will be automatically charged the then current fees for the OctopusPro subscription type or service(s) you’ve selected on a recurring basis until you cancel or delete your OctopusPro subscription.

What is tentacles in Octopus Deploy?

When you deploy software to Windows servers, you need to install Tentacle, a lightweight agent service, on your Windows servers so they can communicate with the Octopus Server. When installed, Tentacles: Report the progress and results back to the Octopus Server.

Who uses octopus deploy?

Who uses Octopus Deploy? Over 25,000 organizations across the world use Octopus, including 35 of the Fortune 100. Our customers include banks, hedge funds, accountancy and finance firms, manufacturers, retail and consumer-oriented companies, software vendors, and government departments.

Is Octopus deploy good?

Octopus Deploy is a best-in-class platform for release management, deployment automation, and operations runbook automation. Octopus Deploy is an independent software vendor. It was founded in 2011 and is bootstrapped, conservatively managed, and profitable.

How much does Octopus CRM cost?

Octopus CRM Pricing Overview Octopus CRM pricing starts at $9.99 as a flat rate, per month. They do not have a free version. Octopus CRM offers a free trial.

How do you reset an octopus tentacle?

Restart the Tentacle service Open the Tentacle Manager app, and select Restart. Alternatively, open the Services app, find OctopusDeploy Tentacle, and click restart.

What is calamari octopus deploy?

Calamari is an open-source, console-application. It supports many commands, which are responsible for performing deployment-steps. For example: Calamari deploy-package –package MyPackage.nupkg –variables Variables.json.

Which is the best version of octopus for Ubuntu?

Ceph upstream released the first stable version of ‘Octopus’ today, and you can test it easily on Ubuntu with automatic upgrades to the final GA release. This version adds significant multi-site replication capabilities, important for large-scale redundancy and disaster recovery.

How do I install octopus on my computer?

Accept the default Destination Folder or choose a different location and click Next. Click Install, and give the app permission to make changes to your device. Click Finish to exit the installation wizard and launch the Getting started wizard to configure your Octopus Server.

Which is the best way to use Octopus deploy?

Octopus Deploy is a single place for your team to manage releases, automate deployments, and automate the runbooks that keep your software operating. Free for up to 10 deployment targets. No credit card required. DevOps is about bringing teams together to collaborate.

What do you need to know about octopus server?

The Octopus Server is the deployment automation server where you define your deployment processes and runbooks and manage the releases of your software. The Octopus Server includes the Octopus Rest API and the Octopus Web Portal.