How much does it cost to own a Pilatus PC-12?

The price of a new PC-12 is currently about $4.9m. Average retail pricing for one built in 2008, will be approximately $2.5m to $2.8m, and models that are 15 to 16 years old, 2001 to 2002, vintage, are typically in the range of $1.8m….The Costs to Own and Operate a Pilatus PC12.

Range Cost
Total Variable Costs (1,000nm mission) $3,432

What is the useful load of a Pilatus PC-12?

4021 pounds
Max gross weight for the PC-12 is 10,495 pounds, with max takeoff at 10,450 pounds. The early-gen PC-12 Aviation Consumer flew back in 2007 for a review weighed 6474 pounds empty, giving it a useful load of 4021 pounds.

Is Pilatus PC-12 pressurized?

The PC-12 is the best-selling pressurized single-engine turbine-powered aircraft in the world and has been for several consecutive years, with 1,700 deliveries as of October 2019.

Is a Pilatus PC-12 safe?

Despite this high profile crash, the Pilatus PC-12 is generally regarded as safer than dual-engine aircraft of similar size. Since their start of production, single-engine turboprops have not had a single fatality due to engine failure.

When did the Pilatus PC 12 ng come out?

This beautiful 2008 Pilatus PC-12 NG, SN 1026, features the Honeywell Primus Apex Avionics and recent 2019 interior and exterior refurbishment. Contact us for more information on this PC-12 NG.

How tall is the Pilatus PC-12 NGX runway?

The PC-12 NGX can use runways as short as 2,485 feet (758 metres) at its maximum weight and operate from dirt, gravel, and grass surfaces. The PC-12 NGX can take you places you’ve never been in a business aircraft. Fly closer to your ultimate destination and save overall travel time.

What is the primary objective of Pilatus Aircraft?

At Pilatus, our primary objective is to keep you flying. Our business model is not built on profiting from your down time. For 19 consecutive years, Pilatus customer support has been rated number 1 in the business turboprop market.