How much does it cost to hunt elk in Oregon?

License, Tag, & Permit Fees

Big Game Licenses and Tags
Description Resident Nonresident
Deer $28.50 $443.50
Elk $49.50 $588.00
Bighorn Sheep $142.00 $1,513.50

Is elk hunting good in Oregon?

Deer and elk survival appears to have been good with no reports of major mortality incidents. Eastern Oregon: Fall was slightly cooler and wetter than normal. November and December had several winter storm events but overall eastern Oregon entered winter warmer and drier than average.

Where can I hunt elk in western Oregon?

Popular elk hunting areas in the Alsea include the South tract 100 line, Yachats River, Five Rivers, North Fork Siuslaw River, Big Rock Creek Road, Luckiamute River, Airlie, Burnt Woods, Grant Creek, Wolf Creek, Logsden, Pee Dee Creek, and Dunn Forest.

Are there grizzly bears in Oregon?

There are no grizzly bears in Oregon so if you see a brown bear in Oregon, it is a black bear. Grizzly bears are being recovered in Washington State in the North Cascades. Grizzly bears have a distinctive shoulder hump. Black bears don’t.

How long is elk season in Oregon?

General Any Legal Weapon Seasons

Any Legal Weapon General Seasons
Western Oregon Nov. 6 – Nov. 12 West Cascade Elk
Nov. 13 – Nov. 16 Coast Elk 1st Season
Nov. 20 – Nov. 26 Coast Elk 2nd Season
Eastern Oregon Nov. 6 – Nov. 14 Rocky Mtn. Elk 2nd Season

Can you buy elk tags over the counter in Oregon?

Both controlled (limited entry) and over-the-counter (general season) hunting opportunities are available for elk in Oregon. Oregon’s big game are managed by wildlife management units, particularly for controlled hunts, so get familiar with the boundaries where you want to hunt.

Is it legal to bait deer and elk in Oregon?

Washington and Oregon are the only two Western states that do not prohibit use of bait for hunting deer and elk.

What is the best state to hunt elk?

The best state to hunt elk is any state in which you can get a license. Arizona and New Mexico produce big numbers of huge bulls year after year, yet drawing an elk tag is difficult and the cost of private land hunts is significant.

Where is the best place to hunt elk?

Elk habitats are typically rugged and extremely wild in nature with the best hunting to be found in the northwestern and the southwestern states. Whether it is the Arizona, Colorado, or New Mexico high country or the dense and oftentimes steep coastal forests of Oregon and Washington you are sure to encounter your best elk…

What is the best Elk gun?

One of the best elk guns is KIMBER MODEL 84M CLASSIC. It is a bolt- action rifle, it is chambered in short action 7mm-08 REM, 243 win. It also features a trigger that is adjustable and releases at 3.6 to 4 pounds. 308 for elk is a good caliber for this type of gun.

When is Elk season in Oregon?

There is one week-long general season hunt with a spike only bag limit in parts of NE Oregon (Rocky Mt Elk 2nd season), but remaining eastern Oregon seasons are controlled. All the general rile elk seasons take place in October and November.