How much does it cost to go to Riverside Military Academy?

Riverside Admissions

Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $39,535
Day Student Tuition: $17,555
International Tuition, Room & Board: $43,605

How much does it cost to send a boy to military school?

How Much is Military School Tuition? Tuition at most college preparatory military boarding schools ranges from about $25,000 to $50,000 per year. Military schools are a great value when compared to traditional boarding schools, where the median tuition price is over $53,000 .

What is the toughest military academy?

Which are the Toughest Military Schools?

  • Air Force – Pararescue School.
  • US Army Special Forces Selection and Training.
  • US Navy Seal Selection and Training.
  • US Marine Corps Basic Recon Course.
  • Basic Underwater Demolition Course.
  • US Army Ranger School.

Where is Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville GA?

Riverside Military Academy (RMA), located in Gainesville, Georgia, founded in 1907, is a leading military college preparatory school for boys in grades 6-12. It is one of the few remaining institutions of its kind in the country.

Is there a military school for boys in Georgia?

Our beautiful 200-acre campus in northern Georgia is a place where young men in grades 6-12 can reach their full potential. Home to a Corps of Cadets that averages over 500 cadets from 30 nations and 30 states, our military school offers a diverse and welcoming environment.

Is the Riverside Military Academy an all male school?

While most other all-male, boarding, military schools have deviated from their original mission, Riverside, for more than a century, remains true to its founding principles in preparing ethical young men of character for success in college and in life.