How much does EVLP cost?

Net cost of EVLP as a single health care intervention per patient successfully transplanted was $61,702 (total cost of EVLP for 14 runs/n=10 transplants). A total of 11.47 QALY were generated in EVLP recipients at a cost of $53,794/QALY.

What is the average out of pocket cost for a lung transplant?

The average cost of lung transplantation across all centers was $135,622. Across all centers, 39 percent of recipients had an early hospital readmission, with an average cost of $27,233.

What is ex vivo lung perfusion?

Ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) has been developed as a technique to allow assessment and treatment of high-risk donor lungs. Using this technique, lungs are perfused and ventilated ex vivo at body temperature in lung-protective physiologic conditions.

Can lungs be transplanted cost?

Lung Transplant can greatly improve the quality of life for a patient suffering from end-stage lung disease. The cost of a lung transplant can vary between 25 – 35 lakhs in India.

How long is the waiting list for lung transplant?

The average wait is about three to six months for patients with IPF or certain diseases; however, it’s possible the wait could be from a few days to many years depending on your LAS and your disease.

What are the benefits of ex vivo?

The main advantage of ex vivo models lies in the fact that there are controlled conditions at all times, i.e., minimum alteration and variation in experimental models; secondly, tests and measurements that were not possible to be conducted in living subjects due to ethical issues could be easily carried out.

When is a lung transplant is needed to treat COPD?

Lung transplants are commonly used for persons with end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who meet specific criteria. The disease is classified as end-stage when flare-ups and breathing problems have become potentially life-threatening, and every other avenue of treatment,…

What is the average time for a lung transplant?

It takes about one hour for the pre-operative preparation of the patient. A single lung transplant takes about four to eight hours, while a double lung transplant takes about six to twelve hours to complete. A history of prior chest surgery may complicate the procedure and require additional time.

What is ventilation perfusion?

Perfusion is the blood flow through the capillary bed (be it the lungs or the target tissues). Ventilation is the filling of the alveoli with oxygen-rich air.