How much does era do for the NIH?

eRA provides critical IT infrastructure to manage over $30 billion in research and non-research grants awarded annually by NIH and other grantor agencies in support of the collective mission of improving human health.

Who is the lead office for NIH HRPP?

The Office of Human Subjects Research Protections (OHSRP) is the lead office for the NIH HRPP. The OHSRP has updated all applicable policies to adhere to the revised DHHS Common Rule (45 CFR 46).

When did the NIH HRPP change to a centralized system?

Effective December 2019, the NIH HRPP completed a reorganization and consolidation resulting in the centralization of Institutional Review Board (IRB) operations and transition to a centralized and flexible IRB system.

When did HRPP policy manual 3014-100 go into effect?

Taken together with the HRPP Policies, Policy Manual 3014-100 will fully supersede Manual Chapter 3014, dated 5/17/2005. Until the revised policies are fully implemented, the remaining HRPP Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) remain in effect until superseded.

How many people work in the NIH laboratory?

The Department of Laboratory Medicine at the National Institutes of Health is a large modern laboratory, fully equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. The laboratory employs 170 people and operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

How to log in to era National Institutes of Health?

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Which is era system support the grant life cycle?

eRA systems, including eRA Commons, ASSIST and IMPAC II modules, support the full grants life cycle and are used by applicants and grantees worldwide as well as federal staff at the NIH, AHRQ, the CDC, FDA, SAMHSA, and VA. For Applicants For Grantees For Reviewers.