How much does a pony cost in Star Stable?

How much do they cost? This beginner pony is 350 Star Coins! What level do I have to be? No level limit – when you can go to the Pony barge you’ll be able to get a pony right away!

Where do you buy horses in Star Stable online?

Different breeds will be placed at Fort Pinta, Marley’s Stables outside Silverglade Village, Valedale, and at Firgrove. You can click on the individual horses to get more information about them. In the information window about the horse there will be a button to purchase the horse and a price for that particular horse.

How much are the Gotland ponies in Star Stable?

The Gotland Pony is a Gen 3 breed that is sold for 750 SC. All six variations can be found at South Hoof Farm.

What is the cheapest pony in SSO?

At 200 SC, the Gen 1 Jorvik Pony is the cheapest horse to buy in the game.

What is the best pony in SSO?

Today, the Gotland Pony is a sturdy breed, known as a steadfast workhorse with a mischievous streak. Athletic, kind, and eager to take you across the varied terrain of Jorvik, the Gotland Pony is sure to be an excellent exploring companion!

Where can I buy a Pintabian SSO?

The Pintabian is sold for 485 star coins. The six variations are found in the following locations: Bay Tobiano – Ferdinand’s Horse Market. Black Tobiano – Crescent Moon Village.

Whats the biggest horse in SSO?

The Shire model is the tallest horse model in the game.

What are your star stable horse’s names?

Star Stable Horse Names For Girls AmethystDestiny: Inspired by the precious violet gemstone and fate, this is a name for a determined horse. AutumnBelle: Derived from the French word which means “beautiful”, you can use this name for a beautiful mare. BlueBlossom: This is a flower inspired name, but it could also refer to a blossoming and flourishing horse.

What is the cheapest horse breed?

As a breed, the cheapest horse is the American mustang. You can adopt an untrained mustang for $150. If a mustang goes through three adoption processes and does not sell, he becomes a “sales authority” horse, gets a different brand and may be adopted for $25.

What does star stable mean?

STAR STABLE is a virtual horse-riding game that lets players both young and old care for a horse of their creation. Players choose and customize a girl avatar before selecting from a variety of horses to ride off into the sunset.

What is a stable pony?

Most lead or stable ponies are animals which are chosen for their calm dispositions. Sometimes the stable pony is a goat: Sometimes the stable pony is your dog. Or your friend on the other end of the phone.