How much do UPVC windows cost UK?

The average double glazing cost for new uPVC casement windows is £250 – £400 per window. If you want double glazing for uPVC sash windows, you should budget around £750 per window. Wood casements windows cost between £400 – £1,000 each. For wood sash windows the double glazing cost is about £750 – £1,500 per window.

How much should UPVC windows cost?

In the United Kingdom double glazing costs can vary between £150 to £600 or in some cases more, this is of course per window, which is why quotes of £2,000 and up is not uncommon within the industry. There are many factors to consider which will affect the overall cost of double glazing.

What’s the average cost of a uPVC window?

uPVC Glass Window Prices. One of the most appealing factors of uPVC windows is the cost because they usually come in cheaper than aluminium and timber alternatives. Typical prices range from £335 to £2200, and you can get a better idea of how much you’ll need to spend by using our price chart below.

Which is cheaper uPVC or timber double glazing?

It’s also an affordable material that’s widely recommended by many double glazing companies. As well as being considerably cheaper than timber and aluminium windows, uPVC windows are designed to be aesthetically appealing.

How long do double glazed uPVC windows last?

Available in glazing options ranging from 24mm (double glazed) to 40mm (triple glazed), our upvc Georgian windows are a great option if you’re looking to retain the authentic beauty of a period property. With an estimated lifespan of 35 years, our double glazed window styles won’t disappoint when it comes to style and quality.

Where to buy the best double glazed windows?

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