How much do Royal Navy officers earn?

The starting salary for a Royal Navy Officer when joining Britannia Royal Navy College is £27,272 a year. After training and experience, you could go on to earn £31,232. You get extra allowances in some jobs and for being overseas.

What officer jobs are in the Navy?

Navy Officer Career Paths

  • Naval aviator (pilot)
  • Naval aviation (flight officer)
  • Naval special warfare officer (SEALS)
  • Submarine officer.
  • Surface warfare officer.
  • Law (JAG)
  • Public affairs.
  • Health care.

What makes a good Royal Navy officer?

You’ll need: leadership skills to manage and motivate personnel. excellent verbal communication skills. thinking and reasoning skills for making quick decisions.

What is UK Navy salary?

The starting salary for Royal Navy ratings is £14,931 during basic training. After completing 26 weeks training, this rises to £20,000.

How much is sea pay in the Royal Navy?

Pay and allowances are reviewed annually by the Armed Forces Pay Review body. rate is £12.12 up to a maximum of £21.22 per day, plus an extra £5.24 a day at sea. Aircrew pay: Ranges from £7.28 on qualifying up to a maximum of £19.98 per day.

What Navy job travels the most?

What are Navy jobs that travel?

  1. Aviation boatswain’s mate. National average salary: $28,574 per year.
  2. Boatswain’s mate. National average salary: $29,604 per year.
  3. Culinary specialist. National average salary: $32,489 per year.
  4. Aircrewman.
  5. Pilot.
  6. Logistics specialist.
  7. Operations associate.
  8. Intelligence specialist.

What is Navy age limit?

Candidates should be born between 17 to 20 years (01 Apr 2001 to 30 Sep 2004 – Both dates inclusive).

What happens in the Royal Navy medical test?

The medical and eye exam are quite comprehensive, because life in the Royal Navy is physically demanding. The examination includes measuring your heart rate, your blood pressure, your cholesterol, and you will have to provide a urine sample.

What qualifications do I need to be in the Royal Navy?

What do I need to do to become a Royal navy officer?

  • to be at least age 17 (upper age limits vary according to role)
  • to be at least 151.5cm tall.
  • to be a British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen.
  • to be in good health and physically fit.
  • a minimum of five GCSEs (A-C), including English and maths.
  • a minimum of two A levels.

What do you do as an officer in the Royal Navy?

So whether you see your future delivering humanitarian aid to war-torn communities, or working on unprecedented propulsion systems, you’ll find the Royal Navy’s doors are always open. WHAT IS AN OFFICER? The Royal Navy is comprised of ‘ratings’ and ‘officers’.

Is there a Royal Navy Unit in London?

Recruiting across the Greater London area, HMS President is the largest Royal Naval Reserve unit in the country, maintaining a permanent Royal Navy presence in London, whilst offering reservists a full range of RNR career opportunities, combined with a vibrant sports and social programme.

Are there any engineering jobs in the Royal Navy?

This is your opportunity to join one of the world’s most respected engineering apprenticeship schemes as part of one of the Royal Navy’s most elite teams, all while wearing the renowned ‘Dolphins’ of the Submarine Service. Fancy accelerated training in one of our most elite engineering teams?

Who are the senior staff in the Royal Navy?

The senior Naval staff use their wealth of experience to oversee all aspects of the Royal Navy’s activities, from operations and administration to personnel and logistics. Whether it be in the heat of the desert or ice of the Antarctic, we are ready for action in the most extreme environments on earth.