How many steps are in Manitou Springs Incline?

2,768 steps
How many steps are there on Manitou Incline? Oh, just 2,768 steps – but who’s counting? How steep is the Incline? The Manitou Incline gains 2,000 feet in elevation from start to finish.

How many steps are in the mini incline?

The 200 timber steps aren’t nearly as daunting as the railway-turned-footpath that climbs nearly 2,000 feet in less than a mile.

How long does it take to complete the incline?

It takes the average person 2 hours to hike up the Incline.

Are there bathrooms at the incline?

There are no bathrooms at the top (only at the bottom) and the bottom of the trail opens up onto the $5 lot and another bathroom. Follow the signs for the Cog Train and you’ll find the incline. The Cog Train has separate parking so they do not share with Incline people.

How many calories do you burn doing the Manitou Incline?

Alternatively, you can figure that the average person burns about 440 calories per hour of hiking, so if you take two to three hours to hike the Manitou Incline, you’ll burn around 880-1320 calories during the trek.

What is a good incline time?

Colorado Springs has many very fit athletes so there are plenty of people hiking the Manitou Incline in under 30 minutes but from what I’ve seen the average Incline hiker is making it to the top in 40 – 60 minutes. Many first timers and people from lower elevations are taking well over an hour.

Whats a good time for the incline?

Still a big accomplishment. 1. Stay coolAvoid the Incline in the heat of the day, which, because of its orientation, means about 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Heat hastens dehydration and chisels away at performance. Evening is the best time to go to avoid heat and crowds.

What is a good time for the incline?

Can you go to Manitou Incline without reservation?

You only need to make a reservation for the time you wish to check-in to start your climb.

How many steps are in the Manitou Incline?

The Manitou Incline has just over 2,700 steps in is less than one mile long. Hikers gain 2,000 feet in elevation from start to finish and the steepest part of the incline is 68%. Warning! This is an extreme trail and is considered a very advanced hike.

When is the incline in Manitou Springs open?

The Incline is currently open. The Incline is accessible from 6am to 6pm. The neighbors thank you for not starting earlier. The FREE shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 6 am to 6 pm daily

Do you need flip flops to hike Manitou Incline?

The nearest ocean is 1000 miles away, so leave your flip-flops at home. The Incline is physically strenuous. Think of the Incline like leg day at the gym; if you skip leg day, you might skip this hike. If you decide this hike isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options to get outside.

Who was the first woman to climb the Manitou Incline?

The female Incline record is attributed to Allie McLaughlin of Colorado Springs (20:07). In 2012, local resident Ed Baxter, 58, became the first person to complete the “Inclinathon”, 13 consecutive trips up and down the Incline in one day. Baxter completed the effort in just over 13 hours.