How many seats did BJP win in Maharashtra?

But the voters of Maharashtra this time gave chance to BJP to form government. According to the official data displayed on Election Commission of India’s website, breaking the trends, the BJP won 122 seats out of 288 assembly seats, falling short of 145 seats required for majority in the assembly.

Who is the incumbent Chief Minister of Maharashtra?

The incumbent Indian National Congress started its campaign on 1 September at Hutatma Chowk, Mumbai. Prithviraj Chavan, the incumbent Chief Minister led the campaign with Narayan Rane heading the Campaign Committee. The party’s advertising campaign began on 20 September.

When is the end of term of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly?

The term of the current 13th Legislative Assembly is to end on November 9, 2019 as the first meeting of the new house was held on November 10, 2014. Following the 2009 Maharashtra State Assembly election, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)— Indian National Congress (INC) alliance won a majority and formed the government.

Which is the major political party in Maharashtra?

The major contenders in the state were the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and National Democratic Alliance (NDA). UPA consisted of the Indian National Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party whereas the NDA consisted of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Shiv Sena.

How is the Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra elected?

The Indian state of Maharashtra has a bicameral legislature, comprising two houses. The lower house, known as the Legislative Assembly (“Vidhan Sabha” in Marathi ), is directly elected by the people and is the more powerful of the two houses.

Why did NCP offer outside support to BJP?

With the BJP having won a plurality, the NCP offered outside support to the BJP, according to Praful Patel. The NCP offer was read as putting the Shiv Sena under pressure by saying it gave the BJP “mega-clout” in negotiations with the Shiv Sena.