How many levels are in Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

18 levels
There are 18 levels in total and 48 different types of enemies that one will encounter throughout the levels. Completing a level for the first time gives the player 1-3 stars.

How do you unlock more levels in Kingdom Rush?

These levels require the Premium Content to play (on the Flash version), and are all unlocked when The Dark Tower is beaten. Five of the levels are part of mini-campaigns, and unlock new levels after they have been beaten.

How do I get better at Kingdom Rush?

Kingdom Rush: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

  1. Make Sure You’re Soldiers Aren’t Too Cooped Up in Their Forts.
  2. There’s A Few Ways to Handle Large Groups of Enemies.
  3. Spruce Up Your Ranged Attackers ASAP.
  4. Keep Your Barracks Strong.
  5. Knock Down Those Heavily-Armored Enemies With Your Magical Towers.

How do you beat kingdom rush?

How do you get diamonds in Kingdom Rush?

In Kingdom Rush players earn Gems by slaying enemy troops. So win or lose you’ll still pocket some Gems once the battle is over. Gems can then be used to purchase from a narrow assortiment of various consumable power-ups that can be used to win the battles. Players can also buy Gems via IAP.

How to survive in Kingdom Rush Frontiers survival?

Hopefully, these general tips and pointers will help you on your way to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers survival. Balance is needed: In each level, the AI will throw a variety of enemies of all shapes and sizes at you.

Are there any elite levels in Kingdom Rush?

There’s no Elite levels on the Flash version. These levels are part of the original release of the game and must be unlocked one after each other. These levels are all unlocked when Shrine of Elynie is beaten.

Is there a sequel to Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

There are several Kingdom Rush fans in the PG team. And pretty much all of us share the following view of the sequel Kingdom Rush: Frontiers – it’s more of the same, and thank goodness for that. This is another impeccably polished, multi-layered, steadily unfolding tower defence game.

Which is the best tower in Kingdom Rush?

Mage Tower: The yin to the Archer Tower’s yang. You ideally need to pair up the two for a comprehensive defence against any composition of enemy wave. Also essential for cutting through armoured enemies. Advanced: The Archmage Tower is the absolute peak of the Mage Tower format and packs a real wallop.