How many horsepower is a Dodge 318?

230 hp
The power ratings of the new LA-series 318 were exactly the same as those for the old polyspherical-head design, 230 hp and 340 lb-ft….Premium Member.

Specifications (net) 318 (2 barrel) 340 (4 barrel)
1977 horsepower 145 @ 4,000
Torque, 1971 (SAE net) 260 @ 1,600 305 or 310

How many miles can a Dodge 318 last?

Like any engine, it depends on routine maintenance and how the engine has been treated over its lifespan. Some may last 2 miles, some 400,000 or more. There are a few things that need attention at higher miles just like any engine.

How reliable is a Dodge 318?

The Good And The BadIn terms of durability, the Mopar 318 is robust. The bottom end of most 318 engines used a cast-iron crankshaft, and though these are not as desirable as a forged crank, the cast-iron piece has proven to be very reliable.

How can you tell if a Dodge 360 is a 318?

Another way is you could look at the harmonic balancer, if it is a skinny, flat one it is a 318, a 360 one will be thicker and have a counter weight on the face.

Are 318 and 360 blocks the same?

Nope, not the same. Bore size 318 is 3.91. Bore size 360 is 4.00. Crank is different as well.

Are 318 and 360 Magnum heads the same?

318 and 360 magnum heads are the same casting. 58cc chambers and 1.92/1.625 valves. Your 360 heads are probably just 1.88/1.60 and something like 75cc. The magnums have a 1.6 ratio rocker arm so that will raise your cam lift .

Is the Dodge 5.2 a good motor?

5.2 Magnum Reliability The 5.2 Magnum used in Dodge trucks and Jeeps is a pretty solid engine. It doesn’t suffer cylinder head cracks to the same extent that the 5.9 Magnum does. Additionally, the internals and major engine components seem to be fairly strong and adequate for good longevity at stock power levels.

How long does a Dodge engine last?

It depends on the driver and how often you maintain your truck. The 5.7 Hemi engine can last up to 300,000 miles, but only if the owner has taken proper care of the engine throughout the years. 5.7 Hemi engines are made to last, so don’t be surprised if the engine is still working after that many miles.

Is a Dodge 318 a good engine?

The 318 engine is absolutely the best all-around small block Mopar, in my opinion. It can easily make 400 plus horsepower and still has great street manners. Each are good engines, but for performance use, you should stick with the LA or Magnum because performance parts for the 318 Poly are hard to find.

When did Dodge stop making the 318?

Magnum 318 The Magnum, which was used in Dodge trucks, was a better engineered and more efficient engine. But by 2002, the 318 was dropped in favor of the 360 that remained as the only high-powered optional engine for the Dodge pickups.

What kind of truck was the 1986 Dodge Ram?

1986 Dodge Ram 3500 Pickup Dodge had technically been producing trucks since 1917, but their 1981 pickups were the first ones to sport the Ram name. In order to signify this, Dodge slapped a rams h… More Info › Dodge Ram pick up Model D5E61, was running good, but needs a starter and a new hood.

What kind of truck is 1986 Dodge D100?

1986 Dodge D100 Restomod Truck is completely restored V8-361, 4 speed manual, rear is tubbed with fuel cell in bed. Black paint in beautiful condition. Please Note The Following Vehicle Locatio…

How much does a 1986 Dodge Ramcharger weigh?

reference weights: base curb weight: 2055 kg / 4530 lbs, gross weight GVWR: 2722 kg / 6001 lbs how fast is this car ? top speed: 139 km/h (86 mph) (©theoretical);

What kind of engine does a Dodge 318 have?