How many HopCat locations are there?

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Is HopCat closed forever?

After five years in Madison, HopCat on Gorham Street is permanently closing its doors. HopCat started in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a focus on beer and sustainability. While there are multiple locations, each HopCat has specifically commissioned artwork and a section on the menu devoted to local beers.

Is HopCat 21 and up?

HopCat, a craft beer-centric bar and restaurant, opened off State Street in July. Last week Monday, HopCat changed its policy. It will now allow customers under age 21 without accompaniment by a parent or guardian until 9 p.m. The policy prohibiting customers under 21 after 10 p.m. still stands.

What is on HopCat crack fries?

There’s absolutely no change to the recipe for the fries. It’s the same beer-battered fries that are sprinkled with their secret cracked pepper seasoning. The fries will continue to be served with a side of warm cheese for dipping and served with several options: loaded, sloppy and Vladimir Poutine.

Is HopCat only in Michigan?

HopCat is a restaurant and bar chain based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States, with seventeen locations in eight states. Founded in 2008 in Grand Rapids by Mark Sellers, HopCat opened its second location in East Lansing, Michigan in 2013.

Did HopCat go out of business?

BarFly Ventures’ HopCat bought out of bankruptcy by Congruent Investment Partners and Main Street Capital. After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June as a result of COVID-19 pandemic-related challenges, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Why did HopCat Royal Oak Close?

– Craft beer bar and restaurant chain Hopcat confirmed the permanent closure of its Royal Oak location on Wednesday. Hopcat founder Mark Sellers told Eater Detroit that the location is permanently closing over disagreements with the landlord.

What is HopCat known for?

HopCat is a restaurant and bar chain based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States, with seventeen locations in eight states. HopCat is best known for having a wide array of beers on tap, with several of their locations offering well over 100 different options.

Is HopCat a bar?

HopCat is a beer bar, but we do welcome families and offer a kids menu and offer changing tables in our restrooms.

What are crack fries called now?

Beer-centric restaurant chain HopCat has unveiled the new name of their popular seasoned french fries. Formerly known as “crack fries,” the beer-battered treat are now called “cosmic fries.” This comes after backlash from some who said the term “crack fries” was insensitive to those struggling with drug addiction.

What are microbrew fries?

Copycat HopCat Cosmik aka Crack fries are beer battered French fries and are glorious and oh so very addictive. The extra crunch and flavor is worth the effort of battering and frying.

Is HopCat a chain?

HopCat was first founded as a Grand Rapids, MI beer bar in 2008, and quickly expanded to other locations, first in Michigan and then throughout the Midwest. The chain briefly attempted to offer takeout food services at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, but found the format financially untenable.