How many episodes are there in Black Lagoon?

Directed by Sunao Katabuchi and produced by Madhouse, it consists of two seasons produced for television, and one in original video animation format. The two seasons, each twelve episodes in length, are titled Black Lagoon— which was co-produced by Shogakukan—and Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage.

Is the Black Lagoon a mindless action series?

Black Lagoon looks like a mindless action series. It smells like a mindless action series. However, it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a mindless action series. To be sure, Black Lagoon almost certainly has mindless action in it.

When did Geneon USA dub Black Lagoon come out?

Geneon USA’s English dub premiered on G4techTV Canada as part of its Anime Current block on October 26, 2007 and STARZ Edge as part of its Animidnight late Tuesday night/Early Wednesday morning late-prime Japanese Anime programming block, began airing it on February 26, 2008 to American audiences.

Is the voice acting in Black Lagoon good?

Fortunately, the OP and non-English voice acting are both great, so Black Lagoon’s sound isn’t a complete failure.CharactersThe wonderful dialogue serves to create characters that feel much more real than the cookie cutter clichés that have come to dominate most of today’s action series.

What was the original soundtrack to Black Lagoon?

Black Lagoon: Original Soundtrack No. Title Length 1. “Red Fraction (Opening version)” 1:32 2. “Tear Drops to Earth” 1:26 3. “Asian Comfort” 1:29 4. “Don’t Stop!” 4:25

How many kills does Revy have in Black Lagoon?

Revy has a total kill count of approximately 128 kills earned throughout of the series. In a flashback, a young Revy is seen using a Smith & Wesson Model 439 to shoot cans and it is the same gun that is used to murder her father.

What happens to Dutch and Revy in the Black Lagoon?

Revy attempts to pursue them, but Rock forces her to abandon the fight when the Nazis use machine guns to fire into the water. Rock and Revy return to the Black Lagoon, where Dutch plans an assault on the Nazis’ ship to retrieve the painting. Dutch and Revy leave the Black Lagoon on a motorboat to raid the Nazis’ ship.