How many catalytic converters are in a 2008 Honda Odyssey?

Your van has 3 catalytic converters. Two in front of exhaust system. Those will cost about $600 – $700 each. There is one rear converter, which will cost about the same amount of money to replace.

What is the difference between a Honda Odyssey EX and EX L?

2021 Honda OdysseyEX-L Includes EX features, plus: One-touch power moonroof with tilt feature. Memory-linked side mirrors with reverse-gear tilt-down. Power tailgate with programmable height.

What is the difference between Honda Odyssey LX and EXL?

The LX trim model only has seating for seven people, while the EX has seating for eight passengers. The EX comes standard with a power driver seat, which adjust eight ways and has an adjustable manual lumbar support.

Does 2008 Odyssey have VCM?

The significantly-updated-for-2008 Honda Odyssey minivan receives new exterior styling along with a more fuel-efficient version of the available Variable Cylinder Management™ (VCM®) i-VTEC V-6 engine.

Are Honda catalytic converters worth anything?

Are your old catalytic converters worth money? Yes, they are! Indeed, they contain some precious metals that are rare and valuable. Thus, consider recycling them instead of throwing them away!

What’s the difference between EXL and Touring?

The biggest difference between the EX-L and the Touring is that the Touring has the 2.0T engine as standard but does not offer the 1.5T as an option. As with the EX and EX-L, the Touring does have a hybrid variant that is available. The Touring gets 26 mpg combined with 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway.

Which year odyssey has VCM?

2005-2006 Odyssey
The first version of VCM (2005-2006 Odyssey) hydraulic circuit control was defaulted open, meaning that the engine had to build up enough oil pressure on initial startup to begin operating the rear bank of cylinders.

Does 2021 Honda Odyssey have VCM?

Backed by the Honda’s advanced 10-speed automatic transmission with Idle Stop, Odyssey’s powerful and refined 3.5-litre i-VTEC V6 engine also utilizes Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), with the capacity to seamlessly switch between three- and six-cylinder operation, helping Odyssey achieve EPA fuel economy ratings of …