How many arbys are in Ontario?

The province with the most number of Arby’s locations in Canada is Ontario, with 26 locations, which is 48% of all Arby’s locations in Canada.

How many Arby’s are there in New York?

Currently, there are five Arby’s on Long Island and four in New York City.

Is Arby’s still in Canada?

This marks the largest expansion in Canada for Arby’s since 2009 and signals that Arby’s is ready to begin aggressive restaurant development growth in Canada, where it currently has 65 restaurants. Arby’s remains on track to achieve $4 billion in system sales by the end of 2018—a goal that the company set in 2014.

Why is there no Arby’s in Toronto?

playnicee1 wrote: Arby’s IS looking for someone to franchise a location in Toronto but no one wants to. A business decision was made quite a while ago not to have any corporate locations. Probably because the corporation’s money gouging ways are too much.

How many arbys are left?


Arby’s restaurant in Colonial Heights, Virginia. This is the largest Arby’s restaurant in the chain.
Founded July 23, 1964 in Boardman, Ohio, United States
Founders Forrest Raffel Leroy Raffel
Headquarters Sandy Springs, Georgia , United States
Number of locations 3,472 (as of 2019)

Is Arby’s coming to Staten Island?

The Advance reported in May that two Arby’s — a chain eatery that uses the slogan “We have the Meats” — were coming to Staten Island. The closet Arby’s restaurant to Staten Island is located on East 23rd Street in Manhattan.

Is Arby’s good?

The fast-food-sandwich market is not an easy one to conquer, but it’s reasonable to say Arby’s has the whole “roast beef” quadrant in the bag. And it’s a good niche to cover–the FDA recognizes roast beef as an extra-lean cut, which means it’s pretty healthy as far as meat goes.

Is Arby’s meat bad for you?

Who owns Arby’s Canada?

Inspire Brands

Type Private
Areas served United States Canada Turkey United Arab Emirates Qatar Kuwait INDIA México Panamá Philippines Saudi Arabia +4 other countries
Key people Paul J. Brown (CEO)
Revenue US$14.6 billion (2020)
Number of employees 650,000 (2020)

How many Arby’s restaurants are there?

Arby’s is an American quick-service fast-food sandwich restaurant chain with more than 3,300 restaurants system wide and third in terms of revenue.

What time does Arby’s close?

You can get a very fair idea of Arby’s Hours by browsing the time tables below. Usually Arby’s stores close at 11 pm on weekdays and remaining open late as midnight on the weekends. Opening times for Arby’s hours generally fall at 10am for each day of the week.

What time does Arby’s open?

These are the general opening hours: Most Arby’s restaurants are open Monday through Sunday 10am to 10pm, local time. Arby’s hours of operation may vary from location to location. Some locations stay open until 11:00 PM.

Where is the original Arby’s resturant?

Arby’s opened in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio. Founded by brothers Leroy and Forrest Raffel, the restaurant became a franchise in 1965, serving up its famous roast beef sandwich all over the US. Today, the fast-food chain is still known for its roast beef sandwich varieties, as well as its iconic curly fries.