How long must clinical trial records be kept?

2 years
An investigator shall retain records required to be maintained under this part for a period of 2 years following the date a marketing application is approved for the drug for the indication for which it is being investigated; or, if no application is to be filed or if the application is not approved for such indication …

What is a PI in IRB?

The Principal Investigator (PI) is ultimately responsible for assuring compliance with applicable University IRB policies and procedures, DHHS Federal Policy Regulations, and FDA regulations and for the oversight of the research study and the informed consent process.

How long are research records kept?

three years
Research Records must be maintained a minimum of three years after the research is completed and the study closed with the IRB. Records may need to be kept longer if other requirements apply. Researchers must comply with the longest applicable standard as described above.

How long must consent forms be kept?

3 years
Signed informed consent forms are to be retained for at least 3 years following the close of the study.

When can sponsor destroy any study records?

Any data collected during the time the subject was actively enrolled, before withdrawal from the trial, should not be destroyed. The sponsor must retain records/data that were collected during the trial, prior to subject’s withdrawal.

Can a student be a PI?

Undergraduate and Graduate students may not be designated as PIs.

Can a pharmacist be a PI?

The FDA and pharmaceutical industry are aware that pharmacists can be excellent investigators. However, as is the case with any PI, the pharmacist must have a proven track record that demonstrates successful clinical trial management. As outlined above, serving as PI is an arduous task.

Who is responsible for IRB approval?

Yes, investigators are responsible for obtaining IRB approval before beginning any nonexempt human subjects research (45 CFR 46.109(a) and (d)).

Are consent forms personal data?

GDPR Consent. Processing personal data is generally prohibited, unless it is expressly allowed by law, or the data subject has consented to the processing. Consent must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. In order to obtain freely given consent, it must be given on a voluntary basis.

How long are IRB records required to be retained?

retention period for study records maintained by study teams.  IRB records required under 45 CFR 46.115 (below) (Department of Health and. Human Services) are retained for at least 3 years, and records relating to. research which is conducted shall be retained for at least three years after. completion of the research.

When does the IRB waive the documentation requirement?

When the documentation requirement is waived, the IRB may require investigators to provide subjects with a written statement regarding the research ( 45 CFR 46.117 (c) ). (For information about parental permission and assent, see the FAQs related to subpart D of 45 CFR part 46 .)

How is the expedited review procedure used in the IRB?

The IRB may also use the expedited review procedure to review minor changes in previously approved research during the period covered by the original approval. Under an expedited review procedure, review of research may be carried out by the IRB chairperson or by one or more experienced members of the IRB designated by the chairperson.

What are the responsibilities of an IRB investigator?

What are investigators’ responsibilities during the conduct of an approved research study? Investigators play a crucial role in protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects and are responsible for carrying out sound ethical research consistent with research plans approved by an IRB.