How long is the climb to Adams Peak?

approximately two to four hours
Climbing Adam’s Peak The hike includes 5,000-6,000 crumbling steps and incline trekking, but technical climbing is not required. Depending on the trail taken, the crowd and the climbers’ fitness level, the mountain can take approximately two to four hours to climb and one to two hours to descend.

Is Adam’s Peak hard to climb?

Adam’s Peak is a 5.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Maskeliya, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best used from January until May.

Is Adam’s Peak worth it?

Two and a half hours later we are sweaty at the bottom of the mountain where we are greeted by our driver. Tired we get in the car after a quick breakfast and all fall asleep! Adam’s Peak was a fun hike with magnificent views, definitely worth it!

Why do people go to Adams Peak?

It refers to the footprint-shaped mark at the summit, which is believed by Buddhists to be that of the Buddha. Christian and Islamic traditions assert that it is the footprint of Adam, left when first setting foot on Earth after having been cast out of paradise, giving it the name “Adam’s Peak”.

How do I get to Adam’s Peak by train?

The best way to get to Adams peak fromColombo is by train. Head to the train station on the edge of Colombo and jump on a train to Hatton. Then take the bus or tuk-tuk to Dalhousie. That being said, some travelers prefer to hire a driver for their entire Sri Lankan tour.

What is on top of Adams Peak?

A bell lies on top of the temple, tradition goes that pilgrims can ring the bell as much times as they have achieved the pilgrimage to the top of the peak. Some Muslims and Christians in Sri Lanka ascribe it to where Adam, the first Ancestor, set foot as he was exiled from the Garden of Eden.

How many stairs are there in Adams Peak?

5,500 stairs
Join the 20,000 pilgrims who climb 5,500 stairs to the summit of Sri Pada, or “Adam’s Peak”, the most sacred mountain in Sri Lanka.

How many steps are there in Adams Peak?

5500 steps
However fit you are, the Adam’s Peak climb is exhausting – a taxing 7km up a mainly stepped footpath (there are around 5500 steps) which can reduce even seasoned hill walkers to quivering wrecks.